Fly I Will, Because I Can

Brooklyn-based quartet My Favourite Things have announced the new album ‘Fly I Will, Because I Can’, which is planned for release on July 14, 2017, but are already teasing the first single ‘A Little Closer, loaded with shoegaze and dreampop goodness. This is the third album from My Favourite Things, founded in Brooklyn by Dorothea Tachler (formerly of Igloo, The Swirlies, Alles Wie Gross). Fans … Continue reading Fly I Will, Because I Can

12th May 2017 – The Coathangers – Night and Day, Manchester

An eagerly awaited gig. For a band that has been around for ten years plus, it is some what annoying to note that I have not seen them up until this point. The show, in Manchester’s “trendy” Northern Quarter, is the  first date of a lengthy European tour supporting the recent album Nosebleed Weekend and forthcoming EP Parasite. The need for a pre-gig loosener in the … Continue reading 12th May 2017 – The Coathangers – Night and Day, Manchester

Detroit House Guests

ADULT. (Detroit’s Nicola Kuperus and Adam Lee Miller) released a new collaborative album, Detroit House Guests – their first for Mute – on double vinyl and CD on 17th March 2017. Detroit House Guests was originally conceived by ADULT. in the early 2000s. The concept became a reality in 2014 after receiving a John S. and James L.Knight Foundation grant. Based on the visual artist residency … Continue reading Detroit House Guests


As is typical with AMM recordings there are moments of quiet introspection, and indeed passages of silence, and then there are interludes of noise, and oddly there are parts that sound like birds singing in a wood somewhere. The second release after Keith Rowe’s departure and their 21st release overall. The addition of John Butcher to the core duo adds a new dimension to the overall … Continue reading Trinity

Three Minute Heroes

My good friend Dave Hammond has been playing tracks from this compilation album for some weeks now and I’ve finally got hold of a copy thanks to the good people at Futureproof. I’m a sucker for compilation albums with a good cause behind them, we’ve done several at German Shepherd Records. Anyhow here’s the background to this project: Take a bunch of talented musicians from … Continue reading Three Minute Heroes

Welcome Home

‘Welcome Home’, Megafauna eschew the progressive rock stylings of their earlier work and reach back toward the proto-metal haze of Black Sabbath and Sir Lord Baltimore while ushering it skyward with sharp melodies and the space-rock production work of Curtis Roush and The Bright Light Social Hour. The album was crafted throughout 2015 in the cloistered bungalow studio of The Bright Light Social Hour and … Continue reading Welcome Home

The Guillotine

An intriguing change in direction for Hey Colossus on this their 2017 album release. In the past they would have qualified for the Sonic Attack podcast with their noise rock approach. For now it’s an Aural Delights appearance, the music is more nuanced, but in that not losing any of it’s inherent venom. This is a somewhat different order of business which has a unique quality. … Continue reading The Guillotine