Rose and The Diamond Hand

If you really want to know about what is happening in the Manchester music scene, and I mean really happening, you need look no further than the video above, or the EP below. Rose, of Poppycock and Locean fame, stands very well on her own merits with band members Mark Corrin, Bob Clowrey, and Leonie Fox. There are some strong female voices on the Manc … Continue reading Rose and The Diamond Hand

Nightmare Logic

If you want to fill the Lemmy shaped hole in your listening space then you need go no further than Power Trip whose new album “Nightmare Logic” is released on February 24th on Southern Lord. The band have that blistering rock and roll swagger which Motörhead had down to a fine art. Power Trip display that raw energy which is a hallmark of the best rock bands. … Continue reading Nightmare Logic

Powerviolence or Grindcore?

Two hefty slabs of music arrived via the ethernet today. In the promo that always arrives with such offerings New York City’s Black Army Jacket , the rascals responsible for the two albums, are described  as one of the key players in the powerviolence movement of the 1990s. This gave me pause for thought as the music that came blasting through the earphone was more metal … Continue reading Powerviolence or Grindcore?

If Space Is A Vacuum How Can You Hear Echoes?

SPC ECO (pronounced Space Echo) is the duo of alternative electronic  producer Dean Garcia, originally of  alternative rock band Curve, and his daughter Rose Berlin. Rose is a Sound and Light artist. She experiments with the potential for sound and light to be used as atmospheric mediums, intent on bridging the gap between art and music. Apart from a decade with SPC ECO and nearly 15 … Continue reading If Space Is A Vacuum How Can You Hear Echoes?

Optimism for the Pessimists

California technical death metal band and recent Unique Leader signees So This Is Suffering release their album Palace Of The Pessimist on February 24th.   The ten-track offering was recorded at Interlace Audio and features artwork by Chris Panatier (Dopelord, Totem Skim). “We’re excited to be working with one of the top leading labels in extreme music,” offers the band in a collective statement. “It’s been a long journey … Continue reading Optimism for the Pessimists

Don’t leave it so long next time lads

It’s that time  again when Mr Fidler of the excellent Curry Quiche advises me they have a new waxing available for the wider world . This one is called Behind The Machine and features eleven marvellous tracks, it follows on from the excellent Rock and Roll Rotherham EP from two years back. An LP sized offering has been anticipated from this excellent band for some … Continue reading Don’t leave it so long next time lads