Sonic Attack 208


  1. Acrylics – Despair – Despair
  2. Meatwound – Seance – Largo
  3. The Ditch And The Delta – Hives In Decline – Hives In Decline
  4. Butthole Surfers – Goofy’s Concern – Chewin’ George Lucas’ Chocolate
  5. Acrylics – Reassurance – Despair
  6. Dicks – Rich Daddy – Kill From The Heart
  7. Meatwound – Largo – Largo
  8. Syd.31 – We Are The Freaks – AnalogueTrash Records: Label Sampler Vol. 3
  9. The Ditch And The Delta – Dread Spectacle – Hives In Decline
  10. Patria – Choir of Damnation – Soveriegn Misanthropy
  11. Dicks – Bourgeois Fascist Pig – Kill From The Heart
  12. Sourvein – Dirgewine – Will To Mangle
  13. Meatwound – Reproduction Blues – Largo
  14. Plastic – A Call For Help/At The Gates/Mannequins – Plastic
  15. Dicks – Right Wing/White Ring – Kill From The Heart


Tampa based hardcore noise merchants – Meatwound.

Addio is their debut release and  took home the “Best Heavy” trophy from Creative Loafing’s 2015 Critic’s Choice Awards, and was described in Decibel Magazine’s review as, “a bassheavy, guitar-chaotic, drum-puncturing, vocal-strained noise-rock thing of beauty. Six tracks of ’90s worship that have plucked juicy bits from all over to create a lovely smorgasbord of punk, hardcore and pigfuck: the Jesus Lizard groove in ‘I Am Transgressor’; the cement mixer riffing in ‘Meat Pack’ reminiscent of Coalesce; the feedback breakdowns that drive a lot like Jehu; and even a few spazzy interludes that show the lineage back to the No Idea roster from yesteryear.”


After a successful run in support of their critically-acclaimed Addio debut, Meatwound returned with seven more songs of ungodly sonic devastation with Largo. While a lot of the scuzzy, surging groove of the debut album can be found intact on the sophomore effort, the band pressed down on the accelerator a bit, resulting in faster and more violent-sounding results The aural attack was once again captured by Dan Byers at Rock Garden Studio, just south of Largo, Florida, with mastering by Dan Randall at Mammoth Sound.

The line-up of this Tampa band is comprised of punk/hardcore scene veterans collectively hailing from the likes of Combatwoundedveteran, Holy Mountain, Headless Dogs, Primate Research, and others.

Ari Barros – guitar/choke selector
Dan Shook – vocals/master race traitor
Mariano Iglesias – bass/vocals/life force swindler
Leo Suarez – drums/organ trafficking