Sonic Attack 205


  1. Janet Street Slaughter – The Wreckage – Janet Street Slaughter
  2. Cocaine Piss – Shiny Pants – The Dancer
  3. Wolfbrigade – Nomad Pack – Run With The Hunted
  4. Obelyskkh – The Providence – The Providence
  5. Crypt Rot – Chapters of Torment – Embryonic Devils
  6. Janet Street Slaughter – Cat Piss Car Seat – Janet Street Slaughter
  7. Cocaine Piss – Elegance – The Dancer
  8. Wolfbrigade – Under The Bell – Run With The Hunted
  9. Imperium Dekadenz – Halls of Lust – …Und Die Welt Ward Kalt und Leer
  10. Crypt Rot – Scaphist Waste – Embryonic Devils
  11. Obelyskkh – NYX – The Providence
  12. Wolfbrigade – No Reward – Run With The Hunted
  13. Cocaine Piss – Sport Things – The Dancer
  14. Janet Street Slaughter – The Sensitive Side of Bill Sykes – Janet Street Slaughter

Spooky sounds from Crypt Rot

Sinister new Southern Lord signing Crypt Rot  release their debut LP, Embryonic Devils,  on 28th April.

Still in their embryonic stages, Crypt Rot were conceived in Ashtabula, Ohio in 2016, however members of the group have been cutting their teeth in various other bands for some time. Crypt Rot was formed by lead vocalist/guitarist Ryan Sposito (former frontman of Homewrecker), drummer/vocalist Matt Izzi (Homewrecker, Scorched), guitarist Joe Dedomenic, bassist Steve Cray (formerly of Homewrecker) and since replaced by Aaron Schwarz, and additional vocals from Allie Dioneff.
What you get is blackened death metal fury, packed with caustic vocals, drop-tuned aggression, relentless riffs, spine-tingling harmonies, and creepy sounds.  Lyrically they probe matters of life, death, politics, (anti) religion, suffering and mental health, and take influence from the masters including; Carnage, Dismember, Death, Cannibal Corpse, Repugnant, Deicide, and Dissection.
 For the recording sessions of Embryonic Devils, the band enlisted Bill Korecky at the Mars Compound (Integrity, Incantation, Ringworm, Homewrecker); the collaboration resulted in five brand new death anthems, refined with a high-gain sound that will grab listeners with its ferocity.
The band recently entered the studio again resulting in three new songs, which will later appear on a split release with Scorched.
Check out their extremely manic sound on Sonic Attack 205 on April 10th.