Aural Delights 235


  1. Esper Scout – Compass – Compass
  2. Grails – Chalice Hymnal – Chalice Hymnal
  3. Flowers Must Die – Källa Till Ovisshet – Kompost
  4. Gnoomes – In The Park – Tschak!
  5. The Mothers Earth Experiment – Mono No Aware – The Mothers Earth Experiment
  6. Cobra Family Picnic – Draags – Magnetic Anomaly
  7. Sweet Tempest – Colourful Rain – Colourful Rain
  8. The Cult of Dom Keller – Behind All Evil Is A Black Hole – Parasido Is On Fire
  9. Annette Peacock – Real & Defined Androgens – X Dreams
  10. Grails – Rebecca – Chalice Hymnal
  11. Bogshed – Jobless Youngsters – Step On It
  12. Cannonball Statman – Rabbit – Cackles
  13. Elea Calvet – Lust – Lust
  14. Pattern Language – A Pattern Language – Total Squaresville
  15. Phew – New World – Light Sleep
  16. Skin, Flesh & Bones – Slavery Dub – Fighting Dub
  17. The Coathangers – Make It Right – Nosebleed Weekend
  18. Space Museum with Positronik – Save It For Me  (March of the Women Dub) – Universal Fluid
  19. Toska Wilde – Mommie Dearest – Mommie Dearest
  20. Innercity Ensemble – 2- III
  21. Hightown Pirates – Higher Ground – Dry and High
  22. The Mothers Earth Experiment – Talos – The Mothers Earth Experiment
  23. Phew – The Last Song – Our Likeness
  24. Cannonball Statman – ZOB – Cackles
  25. Flowers Must Die – After Gong – Kompost
  26. Pattern Language – Le Choc Des Etoiles – Total Squaresville
  27. Grails – Thorns II – Chalice Hymnal

Dry and High

Hightown Pirates is the band formed by Simon Mason. His friendship with Mick Head (Shack) sowed the seed, conceived in Liverpool, took their first steps in opening for Mick Head in Hackney, went on adventures in Europe with The Libertines in 2016, then onstage with Peter Doherty in the Spring of that year.

Simon Mason is best known for his critically acclaimed book Too High Too Far Too Soon, where he recounts his numerous decadent adventures at Glastonbury Festival and the notoriety that came during his stint as personal chemist to the biggest bands of the ’90s.
Fast forward to 2017 where Simon now gets a natural high through drawing on his experiences which lend themselves to his incredible song-writing backed by this huge energetic sound.

As a ‘collective’ the various musicians who have contributed to the Hightown Pirates project, have over time, worked with and appeared on recordings with (in no particular order) Primal Scream, Richard Ashcroft, Michael Head (Shack), Gang Of 4, Death In Vegas, The Coral, Super Furry Animals, Van Morrison, Adele, Noel Gallagher, James, Cast, Paul Weller and The Rolling Stones.
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