World of Jazz 327

  1. Russ Lossing – Jack of Clubs – Motian Music (Sunnyside) 00:00
  2. Paul Motian Quintet – Hide and Go Seek – Jack of Clubs (Soul Note) 07:16
  3. Gordon Grdina – Apocalympics – Inroads (Songlines) 12:41
  4. Joe Lovano – Alone Together – Joyous Encounter (Blue Note) 22:40
  5. Russ Lossing – Dance – Motian Music (Sunnyside) 28:20
  6. Adam Kolker – Dolphin Dance – Sultanic Verses (Satchmo Jazz) 33:59
  7. Michael Attias – Fenix Culprit – Renku in Coimbra (Clean Feed) 39:53
  8. Adam Kolker – Last Night When We Were Young – Flag Day (Sunnyside) 43:51
  9. Russ Lossing Trio – Love and Beauty – Oracle (Hatology) 50:07
  10. Kirk Knuffke – Iago’s Credo – Witness (SteepleChase) 58:25
  11. Adam Kolker and Russ Lossing – Whispers – Whispers and Secrets (Fresh Sounds Records) 1:04:47
  12. Paul Motian – Drum Music – Jack of Clubs (Soul Note) 1:12:37
  13. Russ Lossing, Michael Formanek, Gerald Cleaver – Reminiscence – Changes (SteepleChase) 1:19:21
  14. Adam Kolker – Cycles – Beckon (Sunnyside) 1:30:54
  15. Gordon Grdina – Albert The Monk – Think Like The Waves (Songlines) 1:39:13
  16. Russ Lossing – Psalm – Motian Music (Sunnyside) 1:43:54
  17. Bobo Stenson – Jack of Clubs – Goodbye (ECM) 1:51:07
  18. Paul Motian Quintet – Jack of Clubs – Jack of Clubs (Soul Note) 1:53:53

This week music from Russ Lossing, Adam Kolker, and a focus on Paul Motian’s  Jack of Clubs album.  Some fellow travellers also appear in between…..

Russ Lossing – Jack of Clubs – Motian Music

Russ Lossing piano
Masa Kamaguchi bass
Billy Mintz drums

2019 Sunnyside SSC1532

… “Russ Lossing’s piano is very much the sound of a singular voice sculpted through his background of improvisational jazz and classical music. Bassist Masa Kamaguchi and drummer Billy Mintz had recorded with Lossing for over a decade before this release, as early as 2007’s Oracle (HatOLOGY). The effect this experience has had is that the trio is cohesive, never thrown off by their leader’s unpredictable nature. Having played since age seven, he offers a clearly and confidently defined approach to his chosen instrument. One of a line of records inspired by Paul Motian but certainly not the last, Motian Music is a fitting and worthy tribute to one of jazz’s most important and celebrated drummers. ” –PETER HOETJES , AAJ Feb 2019

Paul Motian Quintet – Hide and Go Seek – Jack of Clubs

the second album by Paul Motian to be released on the Italian Soul Note label in 1985

Paul Motian – drums
Bill Frisell – electric guitar
Joe Lovano – tenor saxophone
Jim Pepper – tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone
Ed Schuller – bass

Gordon Grdina – Apocalympics – Inroads

Gordon Grdina guitar, oud
Oscar Noriega alto sax, clarinet, bass clarinet
Russ Lossing piano, Rhodes
Satoshi Takeishi drums

2017 Songlines SGL 1624-2

Grdina’s debut recording, Think Like the Waves, (playing later) was a trio with his mentor Gary Peacock and Paul Motian, and there is something of that group’s deep improvised jazz roots at work here, along with the compositional, classical music bent of his East Van Strings project (The Breathing of Statues). It’s also a reaction to his rock playing in recent years in Dan Mangan’s band and his own instrumental duo Peregrine Falls. Says Grdina, “I felt a strong inner urge to write music that was more unexpected, that didn’t repeat itself so much and was more challenging than what I had been playing. Forms can sometimes feel like you’re being strangled and talked down to. I wanted the music to continually move, feeling free but clearly directed.

Joe Lovano – Alone Together – Joyous Encounter

Joe Lovano – tenor & curved soprano saxophones
Hank Jones – piano
George Mraz – bass
Paul Motian – drums & cymbals

Recorded September 8-9, 2004 at Avatar Studios, NYC.

Blue Note 2004

Russ Lossing – Dance – Motian Music

Adam Kolker – Dolphin Dance – Sultanic Verses

Recorded at Tedesco Studios, Paramus New Jersey. June, 14 2001

Adam Kolker tenor, soprano saxophone
Bruce Barth piano
John Hébert bass
Billy Hart drums
Ray Barretto percussion

2003 Satchmo Jazz SJR CD00034
Michael Attias – Fenix Culprit – Renku in Coimbra

Recorded June 7, 2008 at Salão Brazil, Coimbra, Portugal

Michaël Attias alto saxophone
John Hébert double bass
Satoshi Takeishi drums, percussion
Russ Lossing piano (4)

2009 Clean Feed CF162

The three-night residency of the Michaël Attias Quintet in the 2008 edition of the Coimbra’s Jazz ao Centro festival was documented on a live album, Twines of Colesion, to be released in early 2010; and now we have this one, recorded in one afternoon at the same Club in Coimbra where the concerts took place, this time behind closed doors. The session featured the core trio without Tony Malaby’s saxophones and Russ Lossing’s piano (not quite: Lossing is present on one track of “Renku in Coimbra”). A “wondrous parenthesis in time”, says Attias about the opportunity, and that’s quite true: this is beautiful music with a strong improvisatory feeling and lots of space for each musician to show their respective and special skills, either individually or in collective interaction. And “collective” is the key word to describe what is in this record: hearing the music you’ll understand why Attias chose the name for what has been since 2003 his primary working band – a renku is collaborative form of traditional Japanese poetry, in which the participating poets build a long poem out of each other’s words. Over the last six years, this trio has achieved a group sound that draws from a wealth of experience of working together in numerous projects, as well as under the leadership of such mucians as Paul Motian, Andrew Hill, and Anthony Braxton. On this, their second album, Renku plays the music of Lee Konitz, Jimmy Lyons, Hébert and Attias.

Adam Kolker – Last Night When We Were Young – Flag Day

Recorded June 14, 2007

Adam Kolker tenor, soprano sax; bass clarinet
John Abercrombie guitar
John Hébert bass
Paul Motian drums

2008 Sunnyside SSC1184

Russ Lossing Trio – Love and Beauty – Oracle

Recorded May 25, 2007 at Charleston Road Studio

Russ Lossing piano
Masa Kamaguchi bass
Billy Mintz drums

2011 hatOLOGY 681

“Russ Lossing continues to collaborate and create at a voracious pace… Though this disc marks a recording debut, this particular trio has been active for the past six years, operating out of the musical hotbed that exists around a handful of cross-pollinating venues in Brooklyn, New York. As Lossing describes it: “That’s where we developed our particular language as an ensemble in terms of the interdependence, functionality, and expressiveness of each individual within the whole. Each sacrifices something for the sound of the trio and in so doing nothing is lost from the one”… Testament to the trio’s shared fortitude, spontaneity also supplanted premeditation in the studio. Lossing pulled selections from a stack of pieces they had been working up and allowed the compass of collective experience to take over. The date was recorded without isolation or headphones in an intimate studio space. No second takes were necessary.”-Derek Taylor, from the liner notes
Kirk Knuffke – Iago’s Credo – Witness

Kirk Knuffke cornet
Steven Herring baritone voice
Ben Goldberg contra alto clarinet, clarinet
Russ Lossing piano

2018 SteepleChase SCCD 31859
Adam Kolker and Russ Lossing – Whispers – Whispers and Secrets

Recorded on May 26, 2014 at Charlestown Road Studio, Warren, New Jersey

Adam Kolker tenor, soprano saxophone, bass clarinet
Russ Lossing piano
Masa Kamaguchi bass
Billy Mintz drums

2018 Fresh Sound Records FSRCD 5102
Paul Motian – Drum Music – Jack of Clubs
Russ Lossing, Michael Formanek, Gerald Cleaver – Reminiscence – Changes

Recorded May 2018

Russ Lossing piano
Michael Formanek bass
Gerald Cleaver drums

2019 SteepleChase SCCD 31863
Adam Kolker – Cycles – Beckon

Recorded February 2-3, 2016 at Trading 8s Recording Studios, Paramus NJ

Adam Kolker tenor saxophone, flute and clarinets (7)
Steve Cardenas guitar
Billy Mintz drums
Larence Feldman flutes
David Gould clarinet, bass clarinet
Jackie Henderson basson

2017 Sunnyside SSC1486
Gordon Grdina – Albert The Monk – Think Like The Waves

Gordon Grdina guitar, oud
Gary Peacock bass
Paul Motian drums

2006 Songlines SGLSA 1559-2

Russ Lossing – Psalm – Motian Music
Bobo Stenson – Jack of Clubs – Goodbye

Recorded Apr 2004

Bobo Stenson piano
Anders Jormin bass
Paul Motian drums

2005 ECM Records 1904

Paul Motian Quintet – Jack of Clubs – Jack of Clubs


World of Jazz 279

  • Joe Lovano & Dave Douglas Sound Prints – Dream State – Scandal
  • Mal Waldron & Jackie McLean – Left Alone – Left Alone ’86
  • Dan Phillips Trio – Divergent Flow – Divergent Flow
  • Bob Brookmeyer – Farewell,New York – Electricity
  • Andre Ceccarelli Trio – Sophisticated Lady – Avenue Des Diables Blues
  • Peter Kuhn Trio – ChaWang – Intention
  • Enrico Pieranumzi – Ravel’s Walk – Current Conditions
  • Joe Lovano & Dave Douglas Sound Prints – Libra – Scandal
  • Charlie Haden & Quartet West – Blue In Green – In Angel City
  • Adam Marcowicz Trio – The Song Is You – The Music Of Jerome Kern
  • Nine Simone – You Can Have Him – Nina Simone At Town Hall
  • Billie Holiday – What A Little Moonlight Can Do – Billie Holiday
  • Tomasz Stanko – The Lark In The Dark – From The Green Hill
  • Tom Guarna – The Wishing Stones – The Wishing Stones
  • Rabih Abou Khalil – Nocturne Au Villaret – The Sultan Picnic
  • Music Revelation Ensemble – Blues for David – Music Revelation Ensemble
  • Joe Lovano & Dave Douglas Sound Prints – Juju – Scandal

World of Jazz 270

Chico Hamilton – Just A-Sittin’ and A-Rockin’ – The Original Ellington Suite
Grand Slam – Chelsea Rendezvous – Grand Slam
David Torn – AK – Prezens
Charlie Mariano – Pulse – Bangalore
Charlie Mariano, Quique Sinesi – Halliana – Ecos Del Alma
Charlie Mariano – Electric Funk Jungle – Cascade
Cortex – Grinder – Avant Garde Party Music
Florian Egli – Orientation – Orientation
Big Bold Black Bone – Mergulhador – Emerge
Verneri Pohjola and Mika Kallio – Where Do You Feel At Home – Animal Image
Augusto Pirodda Quartet – Psalm No. 5 – A Turkey Is Better Eaten
Henri Texier Quartet with Joe Lovano – Baton Rouge – Paris Batignolles
Gary Burton and Paul Bley – Ida Lupino – Right Time, Right Place
Steve Lacy, Roswell Rudd,Kent Carter, Beaver Harris – The Bite – Trickles
Jimmy Giuffre, Paul Bley, Steve Swallow – Cobra – Conversation with Goose


World of Jazz 250


  1. Anthony Braxton – Brilliant Corners – Six Monk’s Compositions
  2. Arthur Blythe – Epistrophy – Light Blue: Arthur Blythe Plays Thelonious Monk
  3. Art Farmer Quintet – Straight No Chaser – Live at Sweet Basil
  4. Miles Davis – Well You Needn’t –  Concertgebouw, Amsterdam
  5. Ravi Coltrane – Monk’s Mood – From The Round Box
  6. Steve Lacy – Thelonious – Steve Lacy Plays Monk
  7. Cedar Walton – I Mean You – Manhattan Afternoon
  8. Joe Lovano – Pannonica – Joyous Encounter
  9. Bobby Hutcherson – In Walked Bud – Vibe Wise/Good Bait
  10. Miles Davis – ‘Round Midnight – Miles Davis at Newport: 1955-1975: The Bootleg Series, Vol. 4
  11. John Beasley – Brake’s Sake feat. Dontae Winslow – MONK’estra Vol. 2
  12. Cecil Taylor – Bemsha Swing – Jazz Advance
  13. Steve Lacy Quartet – Friday The Thirteenth – One Fell Swoop
  14. Arthur Blythe – Ruby My Dear – Basic Blythe
  15. Anthony Braxton – Skippy – Six Monk’s Compositions
  16. Thelonious Monk – I Surrender, Dear/Bemsha Swing – Brilliant Corner

World of Jazz 241


  1. Chris Potter – Heart In Hand – The Dreamer Is The Dream
  2. Dayna Stephens – Emilie – Gratitude
  3. Dave Liebman, Joe Lovano – Equinox – Compassion : The Music of John Coltrane
  4. Gary Burton – Norwegian Wood – The Time Machine
  5. John Taylor, Norma Winstone, Kenny Wheeler – Sirens Song  – Azimuth
  6. Olivier Py Birds of Paradise – Bazooka Beatnik Part 1 – Black Fables
  7. Dennis Gonzalez Ataraxia – Ukusa – Ts’iibil Chaaltun
  8. Kokotob – Waldboden – Flying Heart
  9. Szilárd Mezei, Jon Hemmersam – The River – Floating Orange
  10. Chico Freeman – The Search – The Outside Within
  11. Miles Davis & Marcus Miller – Conchita – Music From Siesta
  12. Kevin Norton’s Metaphor Quartet – Walking The Dogma – Not Only In That Golden Tree
  13. Roots Magic – Bermuda Blues (Quasi Dub) – Last Kind Words
  14. Charles Lloyd New Quartet – Tagore on the Delta – Passin’ Thru
  15. Will Wedmedyk – Awakening – Awakening
  16. Sun Ra Quartet – The Horo – New Steps (Featuring John Gilmore)
  17. Frank Catalano & Jimmy Chamberlin – Chicago Eddie – Tokyo No 9

World of Jazz 238

As may be readily obvious from the image above I am pleased to announce that World of Jazz has found a home at Analogue Trash Radio and reverts to the old radio format with some talking from me in between the tracks. I want to thank Adrian and Mark at Analogue Trash for welcoming me to their recently created and very exciting radio station. So this week is a gentle introduction into the World of Jazz, for hopefully new listeners, with a few well known artists and melodies. In future weeks I hope to include a lot more new releases and artists and also broaden the scope out to include more eclectic jazz choices.


  1. Miles Davis – Airegin – Bags Groove
  2. John Coltrane – Central Park West – Coltrane’s Sound
  3. Hank Mobley – 3rd Time Around – A Caddy for Daddy
  4. Lee Morgan – God Bless The Child – Standards
  5. The Cannonball Adderley Quintet – Gumba Gumba – Accent on Africa
  6. Jan Garbarek Quartet – Skarabee – Afric Pepperbird
  7. Andrew Hill – Remnants – Blue Black
  8. Lee Konitz Quartet – Body and Soul – Jazz Nocturne
  9. Erik Truffaz – La Memoire Du Silence – Mantis
  10. Eddie Henderson – Cantoloupe Island – Oasis
  11. Matt Ullery’s Loom – My Favorite Stranger – Wake An Echo
  12. Bill Frisell – Telstar – Jazz In The Space Age
  13. Julian Arguelles – Wilderness Lane – Circularity
  14. Joe Lovano & Dave Douglas Sound Prints – Destination Unknown
  15. Dave Douglas High Risk – All The Pretty Horsepower – Dark Territory
  16. Greg Duncan & The Individuation Quintet – Out On A Limb – Unification
  17. Steve Coleman’s Natal Eclipse – Pull Counter – Morphogenesis
  18. Kevin Norton – Difficulty – KN’s Breakfast of Champignon(s) Live at Roulette
  19. John Stubblefield – Bushman Song (Electric Version) – Bushman Song