Sonic Attack 217

PLAYLIST Bison –  Until The Earth Is Empty – You Are Not The Ocean You Are The Patient Death Fortress – Warrior’s Mantle – Triumph of the Undying Goatwhore – Forsaken – Vengeful Ascension Katharsis – Shine Beyond – Into Endless Chaos Loyal Until Death – Remain Defiant – Remain Defiant Malokarpatan – Na kríllach cemnoty do horských úbočí zostupuje posol moru a hniloby – Stridžie dni Bison – … Continue reading Sonic Attack 217

Sonic Attack 216

PLAYLIST Slow Death – Daggers of Hate/Hungry Rats – Hate Filled World Witch Vomit – Doomed In The Realm Of The Dead – Poisoned Blood Thoughts of Ionesco – Salutations – Skar Cymbals He Whose Ox Is Gored – Void Assault (Voided Mix) -Paralyser Seven Inch Slow Death – Vacant Lots – Hate Filled World Circle- Rakkautta Al Dente – Terminal Solbrud – Det Sidste Lys – Vermod … Continue reading Sonic Attack 216