Sonic Attack 209


  1. The Ditch and The Delta – Open Veins – We Rust
  2. Toska – Chasm — Ode To The Author
  3. Kovax – Breathe – Breathe
  4. The Ditch and The Delta – We Rust – We Rust
  5. Toska – Illumo — Ode To The Author
  6. Hetroertzen – Like The Serpent – Exaltation of Wisdom
  7. Hierophant – Son of the Cathartic Cave –¬†Great Mother: Holy Monster
  8. Draugnim – Moonpath – Northwinds Ire
  9. The Ditch and The Delta – Four Spectres – We Rust
  10. Toska – Infantile — Ode To The Author

Exaltation of Wisdom

Chilean/Swedish black metal. Having put out three records of great but generic black metal, Exaltation of Wisdom, the band’s first album following their relocation to Sweden, finds the band embracing a more lysergic, ritualistic sound that’s enhanced by a darker, more cavernous atmosphere. Epic!

Featured on Sonic Attack 209