Sonic Attack 210


  1. Godhunter – A Dread Of Some Strange Impending Doom – Codex Narco
  2. Buried at Sea – Track One – Migration
  3. Higher Power – Can’t Relate – Soul Structure
  4. Oranssi Pazuzu – Ole Muukalainen – Farmakologinen
  5. Blackosh – Rvouci Vichry – Rvouci Vichry
  6. Toska – Chalk Teeth – Ode to the Author
  7. Godhunter – Distant Fading Screams Of A Dying World – Codex Narco
  8. Higher Power – Embrace – Soul Structure
  9. Toska – Phoneme – Ode to the Author
  10. Godhunter – Cocaine Witches & Lysergic Dreams – Codex Narco
  11. Blackosh – Cult Latin – Rvouci Vichry
  12. Oranssi Pazuzu – Unihämähäkki- Farmakologinen
  13. Higher Power – Four Walls Black – Soul Structure

Rvouci Vichry EP

Released May 2017 via Eternal Death, Rvouci Vichry — which translates to “Roaring Winds” — follows Blackosh’s  2013 and 2014 splits with Master’s Hammer and the 2015-issued Iron Bonehead full-length, Kurvy, Chlast A Black Metal. With Rvouci Vichry, they continue along the path traversed by Kurvy, Chlast A Black Metal, which Metal Temple likened to, “hordes of demon spawn torturing and killing a congregation with twisted, murderous devices from an ancient world,” in an 8/10 review, by resurrecting the eclectic combination of influences and styles used in the now twenty-five-plus-year-old early Root records (namel Zjeveni and Hell Symphony) but with a more modern production. The artwork and lyrics also follow the dark but also spirited sensibility seen on Kurvy.

Features on Sonic Attack 210