Sonic Attack 205


  1. Janet Street Slaughter – The Wreckage – Janet Street Slaughter
  2. Cocaine Piss – Shiny Pants – The Dancer
  3. Wolfbrigade – Nomad Pack – Run With The Hunted
  4. Obelyskkh – The Providence – The Providence
  5. Crypt Rot – Chapters of Torment – Embryonic Devils
  6. Janet Street Slaughter – Cat Piss Car Seat – Janet Street Slaughter
  7. Cocaine Piss – Elegance – The Dancer
  8. Wolfbrigade – Under The Bell – Run With The Hunted
  9. Imperium Dekadenz – Halls of Lust – …Und Die Welt Ward Kalt und Leer
  10. Crypt Rot – Scaphist Waste – Embryonic Devils
  11. Obelyskkh – NYX – The Providence
  12. Wolfbrigade – No Reward – Run With The Hunted
  13. Cocaine Piss – Sport Things – The Dancer
  14. Janet Street Slaughter – The Sensitive Side of Bill Sykes – Janet Street Slaughter

Wolfbrigade announce the news of their ninth full-length album

Stockholm-based Wolfbrigade have announced the news of their ninth full-length album, titled Run With The Hunted, set for release on April 28th through Southern Lord.

Formed in 1995, initially as Wolfpack, after five years they changed their name to Wolfbrigade. The band have released an impressive volume of LPs and smaller releases, and have toured widely over the years, becoming one of the premier acts of their genre. Their  music focuses on human socio-political injustices, yearning for transformation and freedom.
Run With The Hunted consists of  ten brutal new tracks of their trademark d-beat, hardcore-crust-punk fury, elevating both the harsh intensity and the melodic attributes of their music to new extremes of savageness. There’s a concentrated sense of urgency across the record, and a sense of dystopia fuelling the scathing vocal wrath. Run With The Hunted was recorded in both Studio Fredman in Gothenburg (At the Gates, In Flames, Martyrdöd), by Fredrik Nordström and Henrik Udd, and in Sunlight Studio (Dismember, Entombed, Grave) in Stockholm, by Tomas Skogsberg.
 The band says  “We looked to explore our rawness, writing straight-up, in-your-face, primitive songs. On this record, we decided to push the melodic strains even further, but without losing either intensity or brutality. Lyrically we have been inspired by both classic and obscure dystopian literature, finding suitably horrible metaphors for the decline of western society. The search for freedom continues, but this time the path is pointed inwards, into ourselves.

An impressive album full of energy and packing a huge punch – well worth a listen
The album will be featured on Sonic Attack 205 on April 10th.
Wolfbrigade hi res artwork