Aural Delights 237

PLAYLIST PrunX – Iron Dream – Vol. III The Black Watch – Whence – The Gospel According to John The Cold Stares – John – Head Bent My Favourite Things – Everything Changes – Fly I Will, Because I Can The Stevenson Ranch Davidians – Binary Bop – Amerikana Tricky Lobsters – Bitter Man’s Fame – Worlds Collide Umbrella Assassins – Dark Horse – Dark Horse Colour … Continue reading Aural Delights 237

Surfing Caos

The album was recorded between Buenos Aires, Manchester and Oxford and includes guest performances from Martyn Walsh (Inspiral Carpets) on bass, Adrián Yanzón (Los Pillos) on vocals and Loz Colbert from Ride on drums. Ride’s Mark Gardener then took charge of mixing and post production at his studio OX4 in Oxford. Surfing Caos will be released on 14/7/17 This is packed full of enjoyable and above average wall … Continue reading Surfing Caos