Sonic Attack 196

PLAYLIST Nektar – Astronaut’s Nightmare – Space Rock: An Interstellar Traveler’s Guide Ştiu Nu Ştiu – Aegna Saar – Fake End Black Army Jacket – Vindictive, Pathogen, Old Habits, The End of Dreams – Closed Casket Dying Whale – One Final First Kiss – Last Moments Of Misery Space Debris – Phonomorph – Space Rock: An Interstellar Traveler’s Guide I Am – Face of Death – Life Through … Continue reading Sonic Attack 196

Powerviolence or Grindcore?

Two hefty slabs of music arrived via the ethernet today. In the promo that always arrives with such offerings New York City’s Black Army Jacket , the rascals responsible for the two albums, are described  as one of the key players in the powerviolence movement of the 1990s. This gave me pause for thought as the music that came blasting through the earphone was more metal … Continue reading Powerviolence or Grindcore?