World of Jazz 273

Nat Birchall – Man from Varanasi – Cosmic Language
Stomiidae (Daniel Levin, Chris Pitsiokos, Brandon Seabrook) – Eustomias Trewwavasae – Stomiidae
Christian Lillinger & Grund – Hiatus – COR
Satoko Fujii New Trio – Spring Storm – Spring Storm
Johnny Griffin – Woe Is Me – The Cat
Johnny Griffin – Alone Again – Blues for Harvey
Johnny Griffin – Sophisticated Lady – The Man I Love
Verneri Pohjola – Pinch – Pekka
Nicolas Masson – Jura – Travelers
Laura Schuler – Interruption – Kroniker
Anna Weber – Sleeping Is Giving In – Percussive Mechanics
Anna Weber – Emoticon – Simple
Malija – Hung Up – Instinct
Nat Birchall – Dervish – Cosmic Language
Air – The Traveller – 80 below ‘82


World of Jazz 240


  1. Nat Birchall – Light Of All Worlds – Creation (2016)
  2. Ed Bickert Trio – September Song – Portraits In Jazz – A Tribute To Wes Montgomery (2005)
  3. Dave Murray, Geri Allen & Terri Lynne Carrington – The David, Geri & Terry Show – Perfection (2016)
  4. Cene Resnik Trio Watch For Dogs – Thieves Came Quietly – Shades of Colours (2017)
  5. Battle of Santiago – Congo – La Migra (2017)
  6. Pat Labarbera – Deep In A Dream – Deep In A Dream (2017)
  7. The Uprising – Isle of Saints – Isle of Saints (2017)
  8. New York Jazz Collective – I Don’t Know This World Without Don Cherry – I Don’t Know This World Without Don Cherry (1998)
  9. Don Cherry – Awake Nu – Where is Brooklyn? (1966)
  10. Prince Lasha Sonny Simmons – Prelude to Bird – It Is Revealed (1963)
  11. Charlie Parker – Ornithology- Broadcast Performances (1951)
  12. New York Jazz Collective – Elvin’s Exit – Everybody Wants to Go to Heaven (2001)
  13. Elvin Jones – Mr Jones – Mr Jones (1973)
  14. Lester Bowie – Lonely Woman – Fast Last (1974)
  15. Dave Young Quintet – Black Diamond – One Way Up (2016)
  16. Nils Petter Molvaer – Amed – Bouyancy (2016)
  17. Ronnie Laws – Always There – Pressure Sensitive (1975)

Band On The Wall Playlist – March 2017

My monthly look at what’s coming up at Manchester’s finest music venue the Band on the Wall features music from Nat Birchall, Miles Mosley and Neil Cowley.

Nat plays March 2nd and will no doubt be riding the modal waves, Neil plays March 5th – a dazzling composer, pianist Cowley creates deeply engaging and dynamic music that journeys between poetic and poignant, pomp and splendour to powerful rip-roaring riffs. It is instrumental music that references Debussy and Steve Reich as much as Spiritualized and Arcade Fire. Not featured on the show but also playing on March 19th will be Seun Kuti & Egypt 80.

…and you can look forward to Miles Mosley and the West Coast Get Down on June 30th, I thought I’d get your interest by playing a track early on.

In between the finest new jazz releases



  1. Nat Birchall – Divine Harmony – World Without Form
  2. Led Bib – Lobster Terror – Umbrella Weather
  3. CP Unit – Fried – Before The Heat Death
  4. Dans Les Abres – Flourescent – Phosphorescence
  5. Miles Mosley – Young Lion – Uprising
  6. Jean-Brice Godet – No Logo – Lignes de Crêtes
  7. DEK Trio – Raj2 – Burning Below Zero
  8. Gorilla Mask – Iron Lung – Iron Lung
  9. Joana Gama, Luis Fernandes, Ricardo Jacinto – Mémoires en forme de Véxations – Harmonies
  10. Camilla George – Dreams of Eket – Isang
  11. Neil Cowley Trio – Sparkling – Touch and Flee

Band On The Wall Playlist – February 2017

My monthly look at what’s coming up at the Band on the Wall, Manchester’s premiere music venue includes Nat Birchall, Bill Laurence and Jo Harman. In between there is a variety of recently released jazz.

Award-winning Soul and Blues singer-songwriter Jo Harman returns to Band on the Wall on the 23rd to celebrate the worldwide release of her new LP, ‘People We Become’, the follow up to her critically acclaimed 2013 debut ‘Dirt On My Tongue’. Recorded in Nashville, at Sound Emporium and other noted studios with producer Fred Mollin (Billy Joel, Jimmy Webb, Carly Simon, Joe Cocker, Johnny Mathis and many more) the album features Michael McDonald on the first single ‘When We Were Young’ which I got a preview copy of several weeks back.

Bill Laurance is a British pianist and composer. A world-renowned multi instrumentalist, composer and producer dubbed a “jazz maestro” by The Guardian, Bill has released four albums to date as a leader and has travelled across the globe and through a myriad of award-winning musical projects including his quartet, project, duo and as a solo pianist. He begins a UK tour in February in association with the BOTW.

Jazz saxophonist Nat Birchall’s music dares to inhabit the same sacred spaces as the giants of yesteryear. Most of these colossi are long gone, only warriors such as Pharoah Sanders and Billy Harper remain, spreading the divine flame throughout the earth that they still inhabit. But the temples are still here if we choose to enter and search for the truth. Nat belongs to a small group of like-minded musicians who seek to approach the heights of ecstatic music in the same selfless fashion and with the same devotion as the masters did back in the day. Yet this is music very much in the “now”, because the music demands that only this moment is of value, here and right now. Uplifting music that transports the mind and cleanses the soul. Nat plays the BOTW on March 2nd.


  1. Bill Laurence – Aftersun – Aftersun
  2. Camilla George – Mami Wata Returns/Usuro – Isang
  3. Ellery Eskelin, Christian Weber, Michael Griener – Cornelia Street – Sensations of Tone
  4. Jukko Perka Avara – He Left The Road – Invisible Man
  5. Ben Van Gelder – Pause – Among Vertical
  6. Naked Wolf – Wugiwoo – Ahum
  7. Rich Perry – Detour Ahead – Mood
  8. Ronny Graupe – Kappler Drehe – The White Belt
  9. Nat Birchall – Love In The Cosmos – Creation
  10. Lena Circus, Itaru Oki – Love for Sale – Zanshin
  11. Jeff Platz – Duration – Low Light Filter
  12. Morten Schantz – Escape Velocity – Godspeed
  13. Jo Harman – When We Were Young -Single