Sonic Attack 237


  1. Apartment 213 – Headache – Cleveland Power Violence
  2. Godflesh – Post Self – Post Self
  3. Sect – Liberal Arts – No Cure for Death
  4. Dead Retinas – The Great Divider – Coup De Grace
  5. Spook The Horses – Blessed Veins – People Used To Live Here
  6. Apartment 213 – Severed – Cleveland Power Violence
  7. Apartment 213 – Power of Tools/Apply Your Make Up – Collected Violence
  8. Sect – Open Grave – No Cure for Death
  9. Zong – The Creator Has A Master Plan – Zong
  10. Gridfailure – It Came From In There – When The Lights Go Out Vol. 1
  11. Dead Retinas – Rattlesnake – Coup De Grace
  12. Godflesh – Mortality Sorrow – Post Self
  13. Apartment 213 – Chalk Outline – Collected Violence
  14. Hangman – Abandoned – A Vile Decree
  15. Sect – Least Resistance – No Cure for Death
  16. Godflesh – Mirror of Finite Light – Post Self
  17. Dead Retinas – Sins of the Father – Coup De Grace

No Cure For Death

No Cure For Death is the second album by SECT, recorded with Kurt Ballou at God City studios, mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side Music.
Comprised of an international cast of scene veterans, who cut their teeth in that formative moment of political, cynical, antagonistic extremes, uniting vocalist Chris Colohan (Cursed, Burning Love, Left For Dead), guitarists James Chang (Catharsis, Undying) and Scott Crouse (Earth Crisis, The Path Of Resistance), bassist Steve Hart (Day Of Suffering), and drummer Andy Hurley (Racetraitor, The Damned Things). The result of these musicians’ alignment is a caustic, riotous, belligerent style of hardcore punk incorporating  socio-political vitriol.
The message behind the releases is pretty clear  “because the Orwellian police states and irreparable social and ecological disasters we once saw off on the horizon are now on our front doorsteps, in full swing. And in just such a volatile, precarious moment as this for civilization, there is more reason than ever to keep lashing out at a world more suicidally bent on its own destruction and the exploitation of people, species and the ecosystem itself, than perhaps ever before in history.
For SECT, this is the purpose of hardcore as they know it, conveying an urgency that transcends age, credentials or scene politics, to convert desperation into real talk and action.
Unrelenting, vital and required listening for lovers of hardcore punk.
Tracks from this release will be featured on Sonic Attack 237
Photo credit : Chuck Johnson
Sect cover image for Haulix

Sonic Attack 195


  1. Beheaded – Beast Incarnate – Beast Incarnate
  2. Uniform (Atlanta) – Euphoric State – Demo 1
  3. Sect – Scourge of Empire – Sect
  4. Istvan – Kenosis – Marijuanaut Vol III
  5. Dying Whale – Way Of Life – Disorder
  6. Sect – Curfew – Sect
  7. Uniform (Atlanta) – Algorithm Man – Demo 1
  8. Circle Jerks – When The Shit Hits The Man – Golden Shower Of Hits
  9. Marlon Brando – Shelter – Marijuanaut Vol III
  10. Sect – Death Dealer – Sect
  11. Uniform (Atlanta) – Drool for You – Demo 1
  12. tomydeepestego – Tetra – Marijuanuat Vol III
  13. Dying Whale – Mindless Scene – Disorder
  14. Uniform (Atlanta) – Evolve to Dust – Demo 1
  15. Beheaded – Cursed Mediterranean – Beast Incarnate
  16. Diana Spencer Grave Explosion – Long Death to the Horizon – Marijuanaut Vol III