Aural Delights 232


  1. Total Victory – Triangulation Point – English Martyrs
  2. Umbrella Assassins – Get Lean – Get Lean
  3. The Moods – Joy – Joy
  4. Captain Black and Friends – The Void Gnashes Its Teeth – The Madman In The Attic
  5. Colour of Spring – Echoes – Echoes
  6. Danny Short – New Build – Form Your Opinion
  7. Sunshine & The Rain – I’m Not Your Girl – In the Darkness of My Night
  8. emonemogaymo – True Life – True Life/Trojan Horse
  9. House Mouse & Space Museum – The Soot Creature – The Soot Creature
  10. Hurtling – Feel It – Brixton HIllbilly Single 2
  11. Mankind – Three handfuls of dirt – Three handfuls of dirt
  12. Kidsmoke – And Mine Alone – Save Your Sorrow
  13. Total Victory – Gore Seer – English Martyrs
  14. Captain Black and Friends – Bad Taste In Boyfriend (feat. Nathalie Haley) – The Madman In The Attic
  15. My Vitriol – Rest Your Tired Head – The Secret Sessions
  16. Danny Short – January – Form Your Opinion
  17. Phew – Signal – Phew
  18. Mosley Bar – Two Apart – Royalties
  19. Sarah Shook & the Disarmers – Nothin’ Feels Right But Doin’ Wrong – Songs from ‘Sidelong’ + More
  20. Total Victory – Playing Golf With The Precariat – English Martyrs
  21. Shaun Kelly – Let’s Go To Rome – Let’s Go To Rome
  22. Singers & Players – Run Them Away – Vacuum Pumping
  23. Mississippi John Hurt – Cow Hooking Blues, No. 2 – Worried Blues
  24. Captain Black and Friends – Don’t Throw It All Away – The Madman In The Attic
  25. Spaceface – Parachute – Sun Kids
  26. Danny Short – Your Opinions – Form Your Opinions
  27. Sunshine & The Rain – Little Rag Doll – In the Darkness of My Night
  28. Dopplereffekt – Gestalt Intelligence – Cellular Automata
  29. Anilore – Sparks Were Real – Dead Love’s Grave
  30. The Pop Group – We Are Time – Y
  31. Total Victory – In The Home Counties – English Martyrs

Gazing a-nu?

London based Alt-rock band My Vitriol, who are often credited with ushering a “new wave of shoegaze” dubbed ‘NuGaze’ in the early 2000’s, return after a lengthy hiatus with their limited release album The Secret Sessions.

The album features the single Rest Your Tired Head with its rich tapestry of layered guitars and lilting groove, a perfect soundtrack for the onset of summer over the coming months. I am featuring the track on Aural Delights Podcast 232 on May 10th.

2016 saw the band’s live return to support Muse at the London O2 Arena and shows and festivals across Europe to over 100,000 people. At the very end of 2016, the band announced a fanbase special show at the London Scala on 12th April 2017 that sold out immediately.

Following their string of Top 40 hits and their critically acclaimed debut album Finelines, My Vitriol rode the crest of a hype wave and media attention, transcending from underground band – with only a matter of months’ experience – to performances on numerous TV shows including Top of the Pops and festivals such as Glastonbury, Reading / Leeds main stage and many more.

Over the years, the band have received high praise from peers and press alike; with Chino Moreno (Deftones), Coldplay, Butch Vig & Shirley Manson (Garbage) and many others praising the band in the music press.

Shortly after their third Top 40 single, the band surprised many by calling a sudden hiatus, and proceeded to break the silence over the following years only to perform the occasional sold out show.

Despite this lengthy hiatus, the band has retained a loyal fanbase and the reaction to new material has been very positive indeed.