Sonic Attack 214


  1. Anima Nostra – Composition For The Shadow Self – Atraments
  2. Khost – Redacted Repressed Recalcitrant – Governance
  3. Kikagaku Moyo – Trilobites – Stone Garden
  4. Solar Temple – Removing the Obstacles that Prevent the Serpent from Ascending – Removing the Obstacles that Prevent the Serpent from Ascending
  5. LLNN – The Guardian – Traces/Marks Split
  6. Khost – Cloudbank Mausoleum – Governance
  7. Wovoka – Traces – Traces/Marks Split
  8. LLNN – Nostromo Falls – Traces/Marks Split
  9. Khost – Stockholm Syndrome – Governance
  10. Anima Nostra – Anima Nostra – Atraments
  11. Angry Samoans – Carson Girls – The Unboxed Set

NOTE: The Solar Temple featured is the band from Washington DC



UK-based experimental label Cold Spring Records release the third full-length  album from Birmingham-based death industrial/doom experimenters, KHOST, titled Governance in June 2017.

The ten-track offering continues KHOST‘s themes of detachment and dissonance, and was written over the course of the 2016/17 Winter, during times of unease and sickness for the band, including one near-death experience. The resulting album is a mix of low resolution transmissions interspersed with slabs of distortion that loom suddenly from a dim landscape. The promo suggests “Governance is like driving at night with your spirituality asleep at the wheel”.

The album was produced and mixed by KHOST, and mastered by Martin Bowes at Cage Studio. The record features a guest spoken word passage from Oxbow’s Eugene Robinson on the track “Cloudbank Mausoleum,” and guest cello by Jo Quail on “Defraction,” and the album closes with a remix of the track “Coven” by Tel Aviv artist Adrian Stainburner.

Cold Spring Records   release Governance on CD and digital formats on June 16th, with a vinyl pressing to follow at a later point.

The album will be featured on Sonic Attack 214