Sonic Attack 214

PLAYLIST Anima Nostra – Composition For The Shadow Self – Atraments Khost – Redacted Repressed Recalcitrant – Governance Kikagaku Moyo – Trilobites – Stone Garden Solar Temple – Removing the Obstacles that Prevent the Serpent from Ascending – Removing the Obstacles that Prevent the Serpent from Ascending LLNN – The Guardian – Traces/Marks Split Khost – Cloudbank Mausoleum – Governance Wovoka – Traces – Traces/Marks Split LLNN – Nostromo … Continue reading Sonic Attack 214


UK-based experimental label Cold Spring Records release the third full-length  album from Birmingham-based death industrial/doom experimenters, KHOST, titled Governance in June 2017. The ten-track offering continues KHOST‘s themes of detachment and dissonance, and was written over the course of the 2016/17 Winter, during times of unease and sickness for the band, including one near-death experience. The resulting album is a mix of low resolution transmissions interspersed with slabs … Continue reading Governance