Sonic Attack 210

PLAYLIST Godhunter – A Dread Of Some Strange Impending Doom – Codex Narco Buried at Sea – Track One – Migration Higher Power – Can’t Relate – Soul Structure Oranssi Pazuzu – Ole Muukalainen – Farmakologinen Blackosh – Rvouci Vichry – Rvouci Vichry Toska – Chalk Teeth – Ode to the Author Godhunter – Distant Fading Screams Of A Dying World – Codex Narco Higher … Continue reading Sonic Attack 210

Ode to the Author

Toska is essentially Dorje without Rob Chapman, although the former precedes the latter in the time line of the musicians concerned through their earlier association as ChasinJade. A debut EP which highlights Bea Massaad’s exceptional technique. Subsequently released in live format. A combination of progressive metal and ambient stylings which is never boring and a fine example of what you can do in this genre … Continue reading Ode to the Author