Aural Delights 238

PLAYLIST The Screaming Love Collective – Thought It Would Have Been Better By Now – Thought It Would Have Been Better By Now Aquaserge – Si Lion si proche – laisse ça être BardSpec – Intro Deposition – Hydrogen JD Meatyard – Green Flags – Collectivise The Blackeyed Susans – Can’t Find The Moon – Close Your Eyes And See The Jackson Code – Yesterday’s Coffee – The Things … Continue reading Aural Delights 238


IIVII (pronounced ivy) is the enigmatic solo project spearheaded by visual artist, multi-instrumentalist and composer Josh Graham. Focusing on sonically engulfing and moody soundscapes, layered with a science-fiction edge, IIVII transcends genre confines exploring elements of drone, classical, ambient, electronica, and vaporwave. As a founding member of Red Sparowes, Battle Of Mice, and A Storm Of Light, IIVII has allowed Graham to strip away the bombast … Continue reading Invasion