Aural Delights 284

  • Keltrix – Long Long Way (Acoustic) – Long Long Way
  • Scream – Take It From The Top – NMC17 (No More Censorship)
  • Peel – Wet Work – Never Not Dead
  • Mythic Sunship – Tectonic Breach – Upheaval
  • Dave Graney and Clare Moore – Alphonsus Will Get You – Hashish and Liquor
  • Shifting Sands – We Trace Hearts – Beach Coma
  • Dave Graney and Clare Moore – The Town Bike Song – Hashish and Liquor
  • Shifting Sands – Airway – Beach Coma
  • Soft Science – Sooner – Sooner/Paris
  • Beached – Mummy’s Boy – Footprints In Time
  • Affinity – Coconut Groove – Affinity
  • Mankes – Black Water – Zelhem
  • Vieon – Fly By Light (Mark Corrin’s Flight Simulator Remix) – Lost Worlds
  • Augie March – Fake Jive – Bootikins
  • Soft Science – Paris – Sooner/Paris
  • Carla Bozulich – Sha Sha – Quieter
  • Mankes – Chant – Zelhem
  • Eivind Aarset, Jan Bang – The Whispering Forest – Dream Logic
  • Abramis Brama – Lopeld – Tusen År
  • Sofia Hardig – Illuminate – Single
  • Linda Vogel – Isis Osiris – Single
  • AVEC – Love – Heaven/Hell
  • Vieon – Transmission (Dirty Mice Remix) – Lost Worlds
  • Rory Gallagher – Used To Be – BBC Sessions
  • Carla Bozulich – Stained In Grace – Quieter
  • Beached – Wherever The Bus Tales Me – Footprints In Time

It’s a Scream

Everything in the news these days seems to revolve around one topic and the music industry is not immune as influential Washington, DC-based hardcore/punk outfit Scream have issued a brand new video for a previously-unreleased protest track, “Politics Is Entertainment.” This comes as Southern Lord announce the impending remixed reissue of the band’s No More Censorship LP.

Scream was formed in 1981 by vocalist Peter Stahl, his brother Franz Stahl on guitar, Skeeter Thompson on bass, and Kent Stax on drums. The next few years would see the addition of second guitarist Robert Lee Davidson and keyboard player Bobby Madden. Following three LPs through Dischord Records — Still Screaming (1983), This Side Up (1985), and Banging The Drum (1986) — Scream’s No More Censorship was released via reggae label RAS Records in August 1988. A seminal album of the 1980s DC punk sound, the album was the first to feature drummer Dave Grohl, who replaced Stax for the album, and stayed with the band until they disbanded in 1990. This was the first album the now world famous musician ever played on. A remastered version of the bands  fifth album Fumble was released post split in 1993.

Since disbanding, several incarnations of Scream have reunited/resurfaced for random tours and recordings since. Members of the band went on to form countless other influential acts, including Nirvana, The Foo Fighters, Wool, Queens Of The Stone Age, Goatsnake, The Suspects, and others.

The band found the original multi-track tapes of No More Censorship and Southern Lord had them baked/prepped for a remix at Grohls’ 606 Studio. Southern Lord say “The new mix sounds vital and intense; the entire packaging, layout, and design will be completely different from the original, with the inclusion of photos, lyrics, poetry, and other personal writings from the band during that era, collected in an extensive booklet. Announcements about an official street date, preorders, and more will emerge in the coming weeks”.

Coinciding with the news of the impending reissue of No More Censorship, Scream mark the inauguration of Donald Trump with the appearance of a previously-unreleased track, “Politics Is Entertainment,” which is now issued through a newly-constructed video by guitarist Franz Stahl. The song features Scott Garrett on drums, and will not appear on the upcoming reissue of the No More Censorship album.

The four releases on Dischord can be grabbed at the ever reliable Bandcamp…..