World of Jazz 229


  1. Charlie Rouse – November Afternoon – Soul Mates
  2. Luke Sellick – Q Tippin – Alchemist
  3. Jan Nijdam Kwartet – Whimsical Elf – Bij De Dieren Thuis
  4. Fela Kuti – Coffin For The Head of State – Coffin For The Head of State
  5. Marquis Hill, Jeff Parker, Joachim Florent, Denis Fournier – Lane Open – Escape Lane
  6. Marion Brown – Body and Soul – Back To Paris
  7. Evan Parker, John Edwards, Steve Noble – Track One (Podcast Edit) – PEN


Recorded at the Oorstof concert series, Zuiderpershuis, Antwerp 24 January 2015. A two track offering with Evan Parker – tenor saxophone , John Edwards – double bass and Steve Noble drums & percussion, released by Dropa Disc in 2017.

Freely improvised, there are 20 and 17 minutes respectively of fascinating explorations with Edwards particularly delivering with an almost punk rock like intensity at times. Noble is his usual busy self and Parker runs the whole gamut of his technique. Overall perhaps more muscular and strident than recent releases from Parker and because of that one of the more captivating offerings from the master improviser.

PEN is another solid contribution to Evan Parker’s massive back catalogue.