Sonic Attack 199

PLAYLIST Power Trip – Nightmare Logic – Nightmare Logic Spectral Tombs – Succumb – Veins As Poisoned Streams Kältetod – Kältetod – Leere Draugar – Lonely Corners of Existence – From Which Hatred Grows Holy Moses – Queen of Siam – Walpurgisnight L’Acephale – Sleep Has His House – Malefeasance Sunless – Born of Clay – Urraca Power Trip – If Not Us Then Who … Continue reading Sonic Attack 199

Nightmare Logic

If you want to fill the Lemmy shaped hole in your listening space then you need go no further than Power Trip whose new album “Nightmare Logic” is released on February 24th on Southern Lord. The band have that blistering rock and roll swagger which Motörhead had down to a fine art. Power Trip display that raw energy which is a hallmark of the best rock bands. … Continue reading Nightmare Logic