World of Jazz 227 – A tribute to Allan Holdsworth

Guitarist Allan Holdsworth recently passed. His impact on jazz, rock and fusion is immeasurable and he was admired by many and influenced a huge number of guitarists. He was once described as the “John Coltrane of the guitar”. In this podcast a selection of his music is presented alongside recent jazz releases.


  1. Allan Holdsworth – Inner Urge – None Too Soon
  2. Brom – Stone – Lump Sugar
  3. Chris Potter – Heart In Hand – The Dreamer Is the Dream
  4. Harris Eisenstadt Canada Day – We All Ate What We Wanted to Eat, Part 3, She Made Old Bones – On Parade in Parede
  5. Anders & Jens Johansson, Allan Holdsworth – On The Frozen Lake – Heavy Machinery
  6. Achim Kaufmann & Olie Brice – Moss Grew In The Cracks – Of Tides
  7. Gary Burton – Dreams So Real – Dreams So Real: Music of Carla Bley
  8. Allan Holdsworth – Letters of Marque – iou
  9. Bruford – Beelzebub – Feels Good To Me
  10. Chris Potter – Sonic Anomaly – The Dreamer Is the Dream
  11. Brom – Swamp – Lump Sugar
  12. Allan Holdsworth – Tokyo Dream – Road Games