The Grind

  Unsane have let loose an impressive new track “The Grind” from the incoming eighth LP, Sterilize (Southern Lord, 29th Sept). About the track, Unsane guitarist/vocalist Chris Spencer says, “This is the drum crusher we’ve been looking forward to doing live! A song about living to the fullest while you’ve got the chance”. “The Grind” is now available at Spotify, iTunes, and Apple Music or … Continue reading The Grind


Southern Lord have confirmed their new partnership with legendary New York City-based noise rock group Unsane, for the early Autumn release of their eighth studio full-length, Sterilize. The album closes a five-year gap since the 2012 release of their Wreck LP through Alternative Tentacles. Southern Lord indicate that the new release… “recalls the most defining elements of the band’s seminal Scattered, Smothered, And Covered and … Continue reading Sterilize