Kronos Quartet Plays Terry Riley: Salome Dances for Peace

Released in 1989 – a ninety minute work spread over five separate elements.  Riley covers a wide variety of musical areas including, amongst others, jazz and blues, Indian classical music, North African Berber folk melodies, Native American ceremonial music, and South American shamanistic power melodies. Kronos Quartet deliver the music with their characteristic effortless aplomb. A fascinating album and perhaps one of the most important new classical pieces of the late 20th century.


Five Tango Sensations

A suite of works (Asleep—Loving—Anxiety—Despertar—Fear) for bandoneón and string quartet written in 1989 by  Ástor Piazzolla. It was premiered in New York that year and recorded immediately afterwards by the Kronos Quartet and the composer, who played the bandoneón.

The five compositions “a musical farewell to life,” were written after Piazzolla experienced a serious illness, and in that context have a melancholic feel. They were premiered in New York at Alice Tully Hall on 25 November 1989, Piazzolla having flown to New York to play with the quartet for the premiere and the subsequent recordings, which were done in a three-hour session at the Power Station in Manhattan.

The session with the Kronos Quartet proved to be his last studio recording.

A beautiful suite of music.