Low Level Stink

Recorded March 22, 2015 at the Oorstof concert series, De Studio, Antwerp


Dave Rempis alto, tenor saxophone
Fred Lonberg-Holm cello, electronics
Paal Nilssen-Love drums, percussion

Released in 2017 via Dropa Disc 005

Two lengthy and freewheeling exercises in improvisation. At around twenty minutes each the listener is required to devote some time to this release. It’s jazz in punk metal mode with mostly high tempo playing and the very occasional more measured section. Rempis is blistering throughout, Nillsen-Love is his usual hyper-active self and Lonberg-Holm conjurs some utterly remarkable sounds out of his cello, one minute almost metal guitar next moment Hawkwind like sweeps and surges, the next chittering insect noises. One of these days I’ll do a very long podcast and include things like this but until then you can either buy it or take in the excerpt below.

Some will say “when does the tune start?” – I say “who gives a damn”….marvellous….