Aural Delights 221


  1. Wonderland Trip – Bring Back The Sunshine – Single
  2. Issac Navaro – Shapes of Summer – Paths to the Shore
  3. King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard – Road Train – Nonagon Infinity
  4. The Hamsters – Cloud of Flies – Bloody Hell!
  5. Kraftwerk – Tanzmusik – Ralf & Florian
  6. Linnea Olsson – The Lonely One – For Show
  7. Townes Van Zandt – St. John The Gambler – Our Mother The Mountain
  8. The Scaramanga Six – As We Take The Stage (pts.1-2) – As We Take The Stage / Owned
  9. The Cravats – All Around The Corner – The Cravats In Toytown
  10. House Mouse & Space Museum – Candy Floss – Post Fact
  11. Issac Navaro – Europa – Paths to the Shore
  12. Burma – JM – Burma EP
  13. Joolz Denby and Henning Nugel – Narcotika – Crow
  14. Playgroup – Bombs Scare – Epic Sound Battles Chapters 1 & 2
  15. Captain Black – Snakes & Ladders – The Madman in the Attic
  16. Linnea Olsson – The Boat – For Show
  17. Ed Kuepper – Also Sprach The King Of Euro Disco – Tales From The Australian Underground – Singles 1976 to 1989
  18. dalek – Control – Asphalt for Eden
  19. Robin Trower – Bridge of Sighs – Bridge of Sighs
  20. The Scaramanga Six – Owned (pts.1-4) – As We Take The Stage / Owned
  21. Julie Driscoll, Brian Auger & The Trinity – Season of the Witch – Psychedelic Jazz : Smoking Tunes 16
  22. Issac Navaro – Paths to the Shore – Paths to the Shore
  23. The Reverend Horton Heat – I’m Mad – Smoke ‘Em If You Got ‘Em
  24. Tom Waits – Get Behind The Mule – Mule Variations
  25. Dave Graney & The Lurid Yellow Mist – She Looked at Me from out of Her Eyes (Supermodified Remix) – Supermodified
  26. Electric Floor – Bluedive – Fader EP
  27. The Proper Ornaments – Back Pages – Foxhole
  28. Burma – You & I – Burma EP

Aural Delights 214


  1. Hamsters – Basically Johnny Moped – Basically Johnny Moped/Freudian Ships
  2. Jess Ribeiro – Hurry Back To Love (Mikey Young Remix) – Barely Dressed Records Sampler
  3. John Cale – Dirty-Ass Rock ‘n’ Roll – Slow Dazzle
  4. Crass – Poison In A Pretty Pill – Penis Envy
  5. Meat Beat Manifesto – Hello Teenage America – 99%
  6. Jacobites – Son of a French Nobleman – Ragged School
  7. Plasticon – Travel In Peace – Travel in Peace EP
  8. Wedding Present – Bear – Going, Going…
  9. The Legendary Pink Dots – The Grain Kings – Canta Mientras Puedas
  10. Pink Stainless Tail – The Function of the Gorgon – The Skys a Soft Target
  11. Frederic Rzewski – Coming Together – Attica/Coming Together
  12. Ian Hunter and the Rant Band – Bow Street Runners – Fingers Crossed
  13. Willie Love & Sonny Boy Williamson – Little Car Blues – Clownin’ With The World
  14. Daevid Allen Weird Quartet – Banana Construction – Elevenses
  15. Minutemen – Maybe Partying Will Help – Double Nickels on the Dime
  16. Hamsters – Freudian Ships – Basically Johnny Moped/Freudian Ships
  17. Pink Stainless Tail – Blood Sugar Dropping – The Skys a Soft Target
  18. Plasticon – No. 61 (Rothko) – No. 61 (Rothko)
  19. The Stress of Leisure – All Australian Punk Band 1979 – Soft Approach
  20. Kutcha Edwards – Silence – Hope
  21. Wedding Present – Fifty Six – Going, Going…
  22. Lena Circus with Itaru Oki – Doomo Doomo – Zanshin

German Shepherd plan busy January

After a short Christmas break German Shepherd records are back with four releases in January and label co-owner Ian Moss is involved in all of the releases.

January 6th sees a release from Hamsters.  The ‘ lost near mythical’ Hamsters single,  recorded and ready for release in January 2015, was scheduled as a 7 inch double A sided vinyl before label funding issues scuppered it’s introduction to the world. Now German Shepherd launches a rescue mission so at last it may be heard. Side A , Basically Johnny Moped , celebrates the legendary outsiders Johnny himself along with Slimy Toad , Dave and Fred Burk and the mysterious Xerxes while giving name checks to other faves with unique visions –  John the Postman , Wild Man Fisher , Marc Bolan and Tiny Tim , it is a celebratory blast and salute to people who walk their own chosen way. Side AA is Freudian Ships a wonky shanty concerning a hapless bunch of mutineers who end up adrift in both a physical and moral sense.

January 13th sees the latest release from House Mouse & Space Museum with special guest m.t.scott adding guitars and ambient noises. The two track release features King for a Day – a moody piece with references to The Wicker Man, and Bottom of the Bill – a rant against ego and self awareness in the music business.


January 20th sees the much anticipated return of techno/electronica whizz The Junta this time coupled with singer Ralph Florian-Wumme. In a heady mix of jaunty electronica and expletive strewn punk vocals the duo attack with venom those musos who prefer technique over art.


And finally on January 27th a release from John The Revelator (another new vehicle for the Moss Brothers – Ian and Neil) a jaunty little number with Oscar Wilde as the subject matter – it’s called Wild Flowers – it features Neils’ trademark off-kilter guitar echoing The Residents with its non-standard approach to composition and delivery.


All four releases will be available on Bandcamp as well as through the usual digital download platforms.