Aural Delights 237


  1. PrunX – Iron Dream – Vol. III
  2. The Black Watch – Whence – The Gospel According to John
  3. The Cold Stares – John – Head Bent
  4. My Favourite Things – Everything Changes – Fly I Will, Because I Can
  5. The Stevenson Ranch Davidians – Binary Bop – Amerikana
  6. Tricky Lobsters – Bitter Man’s Fame – Worlds Collide
  7. Umbrella Assassins – Dark Horse – Dark Horse
  8. Colour of Spring – Love – Love
  9. Elsiane – The Motive – Death of the Artist
  10. Y Key Operators – What’s Real Anymore? – Single
  11. Hey Colossus – Back In The Room – The Guillotine
  12. Iguana Lovers – Quien (Feat. Loz Colbert) – Surfing Caos
  13. Johann Kloos – Blackpool – Liquid Sunshine
  14. Just Everywhere – Slow Parade – Silk of Stars
  15. PrunX – Sick Of It All – Vol. III
  16. My Favourite Things – Stay A Little While – Fly I Will, Because I Can
  17. The Buttertones – I Ran Away – Gravedigging
  18. Lightnin’ Hopkins – Penitentiary Blues –  Lightnin’ Hopkins
  19. Tricky Lobsters – Dreamdiver Pt I + II -Worlds Collide
  20. Hey Colossus – In A Collision – The Guillotine
  21. My Favourite Things – Sunlight – Fly I Will, Because I Can
  22. The Jackson Code – Poison Berries – Draggin’ The River
  23. The Buttertones – Matador – Gravedigging
  24. The Cornelius Crane – Don’t Blame This Heart Of Mine – Extended Play
  25. Lightnin’ Hopkins – See That My Grave Is Kept Clean – Lightnin’ Hopkins
  26. Iguana Lovers – Moverte – Surfing Caos
  27. The Stevenson Ranch Davidians – OM g – Amerikana
  28. The Cold Stares – Head Bent – Head Bent
  29. PrunX –  Welcome To Your Nightmare – Vol III.
  30. My Favourite Things – Keep Letting Go – Fly I Will, Because I Can
  31. The Jackson Code – ‘Til Our Teeth Got Sore – Draggin’ The River


Following on from support slots with acts including JAWS, Menace Beach and INHEAVEN, Leeds shoegazers Colour of Spring have announced the upcoming release of reverb-laden new single Love, the second cut from their self-titled EP out 23rd June via House of Love Records.

Comprising of Shane Hunter (vocals, guitar), Robin Deione (guitar), Tom Gregory (bass), Mark Rochman (drums) and Charlie Addison (keys), the indie outfit have already attracted significant praise from the blogosphere (NME, The Line Of Best Fit), with their fuzzy riffs and distorted guitars drawing welcome comparisons to the likes of Wild Nothing, Beach Fossils and Slowdive.


Ahead of the release, frontman Shane Hunter stated: “Love is about the initial prospect of being in love, where everything is confusing, awkward and exciting all at the same time. You’re learning someone else and they’re learning you, all of your idiosyncrasies that you daren’t share with anyone else. There’s so many prominent, strong emotions that it can get really overwhelming. You don’t want to to blow it being your usual stupid self!”

Produced by Matt Peel at Nave Studios, Leeds (Eagulls, The Crookes, Autobahn, Pulled Apart By Horses), Colour of Spring’s Love was released on 26thMay via House of Love Records.

Photo credit: 83Photography

Aural Delights 232


  1. Total Victory – Triangulation Point – English Martyrs
  2. Umbrella Assassins – Get Lean – Get Lean
  3. The Moods – Joy – Joy
  4. Captain Black and Friends – The Void Gnashes Its Teeth – The Madman In The Attic
  5. Colour of Spring – Echoes – Echoes
  6. Danny Short – New Build – Form Your Opinion
  7. Sunshine & The Rain – I’m Not Your Girl – In the Darkness of My Night
  8. emonemogaymo – True Life – True Life/Trojan Horse
  9. House Mouse & Space Museum – The Soot Creature – The Soot Creature
  10. Hurtling – Feel It – Brixton HIllbilly Single 2
  11. Mankind – Three handfuls of dirt – Three handfuls of dirt
  12. Kidsmoke – And Mine Alone – Save Your Sorrow
  13. Total Victory – Gore Seer – English Martyrs
  14. Captain Black and Friends – Bad Taste In Boyfriend (feat. Nathalie Haley) – The Madman In The Attic
  15. My Vitriol – Rest Your Tired Head – The Secret Sessions
  16. Danny Short – January – Form Your Opinion
  17. Phew – Signal – Phew
  18. Mosley Bar – Two Apart – Royalties
  19. Sarah Shook & the Disarmers – Nothin’ Feels Right But Doin’ Wrong – Songs from ‘Sidelong’ + More
  20. Total Victory – Playing Golf With The Precariat – English Martyrs
  21. Shaun Kelly – Let’s Go To Rome – Let’s Go To Rome
  22. Singers & Players – Run Them Away – Vacuum Pumping
  23. Mississippi John Hurt – Cow Hooking Blues, No. 2 – Worried Blues
  24. Captain Black and Friends – Don’t Throw It All Away – The Madman In The Attic
  25. Spaceface – Parachute – Sun Kids
  26. Danny Short – Your Opinions – Form Your Opinions
  27. Sunshine & The Rain – Little Rag Doll – In the Darkness of My Night
  28. Dopplereffekt – Gestalt Intelligence – Cellular Automata
  29. Anilore – Sparks Were Real – Dead Love’s Grave
  30. The Pop Group – We Are Time – Y
  31. Total Victory – In The Home Counties – English Martyrs

Leeds Shoegazers release epic single

Leeds quintet Colour of Spring have announced the  release of their new single Echoes, the lead track from their self-titled EP out 23rd June via House of Love Records.

The band comprises Shane Hunter (vocals, guitar), Robin Deione (guitar), Tom Gregory (bass), Mark Rochman (drums) and Charlie Addison (keys). The sound is shoegaze derived but there are some interesting guitar noises which make them standout and the tune certainly has an epic feel and Hunters vocals stand out.

Discussing the release, songwriter bassist Tom Gregory stated: “Echoes is about losing the innocence of youth. As you enter your teenage years you’re told to grow up and take responsibility and some of the beauty of childhood is gone. We probably spend a lot of time as adults trying to regain that side to us that we lose. Echoes is about how we each deal with this in our own funny way.”

Produced by Matt Peel at Nave Studios, Leeds (Eagulls, The Crookes, Autobahn, Pulled Apart By Horses), Colour of Spring’s Echoes was released on 21st April via House of Love Records and will be featured on Aural Delights Podcast 232 on May 10th.

Photo credit: 83Photography