Aural Delights 234


  1. Oxbow – Cold & Well Lit Place – Thin Black Duke
  2. Cannonball Statman – Ailing in Leipzig – Cackles
  3. The Big Moon – Sucker – Love in the 4th Dimension
  4. Total Victory – Gold Curtain – English Martyrs
  5. Dave Graney & The Lurid Yellow Mist – I Ain’t Natural (Supermodified Remix) – Supermodified
  6. False Advertising – It’s Been A While – Three Minute Heroes
  7. Harvestman – White Horse – Music for Megaliths
  8. Chorchazade – This is His – Crackle And Corkette EP
  9. Lil’ Lost Lou – Bones, Feathers, Black Book, Rabbit Foot – Lil’ Lost Lou
  10. Pattern Language – The Castellers – Total Squaresville
  11. Elliot Sharp Carbon – Geometry – Monster Curve
  12. Aquaserge – La Femme de Tahiti – Tahiti Coco
  13. Lil’ Lost Lou – Jolene – Lil’ Lost Lou
  14. Pleasure House – Mind Control – Mind Control
  15. BNQT – 100 Million Miles – Volume 1
  16. Adult. – Into the Drum (feat. Lun*na Menoh) – Detroit House
  17. Cannonball Statman – Orbiting The Pacific – Cackles
  18. Chorchazade – Half A Crown – Made To Be Devoured
  19. The Quicksilver Kings – I Want To Be Human – Three Minute Heroes
  20. Matching Mole – Waterloo Lily – March
  21. Sharon Von Etten – Afraid of Nothing – Are We There
  22. Akranes – Takeover Me (feat. Sabira Jade) – Takeover Me
  23. Vieon – Extant (Original Mix) – Fly By Night
  24. Danny Short – Begin to Burn – Form Your Opinion
  25. Seazoo – Roy’s World Final – Roy’s World Final
  26. Total Victory – The Public Weighbridge – English Martyrs
  27. Serial Chiller – Bed Mood – Three Minute Heroes
  28. Pattern Language – Squaresville – Total Squaresville
  29. Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band – The Smithsonian Institute Blues (Or The Big Dig) – The Dust Blows Forward: An Anthology

Three Minute Heroes

My good friend Dave Hammond has been playing tracks from this compilation album for some weeks now and I’ve finally got hold of a copy thanks to the good people at Futureproof. I’m a sucker for compilation albums with a good cause behind them, we’ve done several at German Shepherd Records. Anyhow here’s the background to this project:

Take a bunch of talented musicians from Hull currently making waves with their own releases at Radio 1, 6Music and Radio X, then hook them up with the young people in the area who’ve been incredibly brave in expressing their feelings in both moving and insightful lyrics, and what do you get? An album of amazing music called Three Minute Heroes #Hear Me Out  . If ever there was an example of the healing power of music Three Minute Heroes is it.

Featuring much loved bands from the area like La Bête Blooms, who’s collaboration with EMBRS on the track Stingray likens feelings of frustration to that of swimming in the deepest ocean – The Might And the Moon who sing about escaping the pressures around you as a child in Home – Serial Chiller and their cry for calm and solitude on Bed Mood – False Advertising and their “Pumpkins-esque” track It’s Been A While (excellent vocals from lead singer Jen Hingley btw) – The Froot of ’67 with their Hendrix influenced funk-rock on Egg – the folk flavours of the Hillbilly Troupe song Dead Langer – The Quicksliver Kings and their teacher/student conversation in I Want To Be Human and not to forget Crooked Weather’s dark and mysterious Skeletons.

The CD version of the album comes with a full colour booklet featuring lyrics to all the songs. It is a true insight into the thoughts, feelings, fears and excitement felt by young people throughout East Yorkshire, during Hull’s year as the UK City of Culture – a socially relevant and inspiring body of work that is on point in this time of heightened awareness around mental health.

As with any compilation of this sort it would be a minor miracle if you liked every track but in this case a substantial number of the artists I have featured already or the tracks indicate the need for further investigation.

I will be featuring selected tracks in future podcasts.