Aural Delights 231

PLAYLIST Pye Corner Audio – Corrupt Data – Half Light Prowler Remixed Mark Corrin – Breakdown At The Self Serve Checkouts (ft. Emily Oldfield) – EP III : Dystopia House Mouse & Space Museum – Happy Boy – The Soot Creature Danny Short – You Will Be Protected 2015 – Form Your Opinion Captain Black and Friends – Let’s Go Out Tonight – The Madman In The … Continue reading Aural Delights 231

Aural Delights 230

PLAYLIST Captain Black and friends – Indian Summer – The Madman In The Attic Danny Short – Do You Remember? – Form Your Opinion Bettie Serveert – Brother (In Loins) – Damaged Goods Black Needle Noise – A Shiver Of Want – Black Needle Noise with Bill Leeb Cannonball Statman – Positively Jersey Street – Arriving Flesh Scent Charlie Nieland – Sacred King – Hopeful Monsters Clustersun – … Continue reading Aural Delights 230

German Shepherd plan busy January

After a short Christmas break German Shepherd records are back with four releases in January and label co-owner Ian Moss is involved in all of the releases. January 6th sees a release from Hamsters.  The ‘ lost near mythical’ Hamsters single,  recorded and ready for release in January 2015, was scheduled as a 7 inch double A sided vinyl before label funding issues scuppered it’s … Continue reading German Shepherd plan busy January