Kill From The Heart

Widely considered a classic of the genre, it was the band’s first full-length album and the last to feature the group’s original Texas-based line up. The album finds the band mixing its hardcore punk style with blues aesthetics. Tim Kerr of the Big Boys appears on the song “Anti-Klan (Part Two)”. “Anti-Klan (Parts One and Two)”, “Rich Daddy”, “No Nazi’s Friend”, and “Kill From The … Continue reading Kill From The Heart

Sonic Attack 208

PLAYLIST Acrylics – Despair – Despair Meatwound – Seance – Largo The Ditch And The Delta – Hives In Decline – Hives In Decline Butthole Surfers – Goofy’s Concern – Chewin’ George Lucas’ Chocolate Acrylics – Reassurance – Despair Dicks – Rich Daddy – Kill From The Heart Meatwound – Largo – Largo Syd.31 – We Are The Freaks – AnalogueTrash Records: Label Sampler Vol. 3 The … Continue reading Sonic Attack 208