As is typical with AMM recordings there are moments of quiet introspection, and indeed passages of silence, and then there are interludes of noise, and oddly there are parts that sound like birds singing in a wood somewhere. The second release after Keith Rowe’s departure and their 21st release overall. The addition of John Butcher to the core duo adds a new dimension to the overall sound which sets it apart from earlier work to some degree.

Lots of improvising collectives aim to do things like this but AMM are the masters of the art, the only parallel outfit that meet their standards are The Necks. You can lose yourself in this music, it defies convention, it is impressionistic and given no AMM performance is ever planned each release is unique and spontaneous. The musicians never rehearse and never  discuss what they have played. They avoid any conventional melody, harmony or rhythm, and produce a collective soundscape that generally obscures any individual technique. It is often difficult to work out which musical instrument is making which specific sound on an AMM recording, due in part to liberal use of various extended techniques on their instruments. Prévost in particular is adept at conjuring a range of unexpected sounds from his battery of percussion instruments.

This collective are very much an acquired taste but fans of freely improvised music should check it out

Recorded on 13th January 2008 at Trinity College of Music, Greenwich, England

John Tilbury piano
Eddie Prévost percussion
John Butcher soprano, tenor saxophone

2009 Matchless Recordings MRCD71