Aural Delights 233


  1. Pearl Divers – Sunshine – Pre release
  2. La Bête Blooms & EMBRS – Stingray – Three Minute Heroes
  3. Trick Bird – Can You See Me – Can You See Me
  4. Barrows – Wrath of the Sea – Imprecari  Island
  5. Captain Black and Friends – That Old Alchemy – The Madman In The Attic
  6. Danny Short – Sometimes It’s Raining – Form Your Opinion
  7. Demen – Niorium – Nektyr
  8. emonemogaymo – True Life – True Life
  9. Fronteers – Mama’s Boy – Three Minute Heroes
  10. Harvestman – The Forest Is Our Temple – Music for Megaliths
  11. Pattern Language – By Time We Get There – Total Squaresville
  12. Barrows – Entrada – Obsidion
  13. Mississippi John Hurt – Spike Driver’s Blues – Satisfying Blues
  14. Total Victory – Written Backwards – English Martyrs
  15. Wooden Wand – School’s Out – Clipper Ship
  16. Demen – Korrodorer – Nektyr
  17. The Go-Betweens – The House That Jack Kerouac Built – Vienna Burns: Live 1987
  18. Captain Black – I Love The Smoking Gun – The Madman In The Attic
  19. Danny Short – Weekday Daydream – Form Your Opinion
  20. Barrows – Red Giant – Red Giant
  21. Black Lime – Famous – Three Minute Heroes
  22. Total Victory – Mistakes Upon Mistakes – English Martyrs
  23. Harvestman – Cromlech – Music for Megaliths
  24. Demen – Flor – Nektyr
  25. The Vacant Lots – Never Satisfied – Departure
  26. The Vacant Lots – Mad Mary Jones – Departure
  27. Pattern Language – Deeply Recessed Windows – Total Squaresville


In kranky’s own words…”a few years ago we received an anonymous email with a link to three tracks and a simple message: “Hi, maybe you would be interested in this music.” It’s easy to be skeptical of yet another link from yet another artist in a world overcrowded with them, but listening is our job and so we do. The songs were instantly striking: extraordinarily slow, somber, and spacious, each vaulted cathedral chord reverberating poetically into the distance, the melodies rolling out like fog across a cemetery. Captivated, we requested more, receiving a single word in response: “Yes.” Then, nothing. Eventually, three months later, we received another email with slightly more information: a name (Irma Orm), a location (Stockholm), and a bit of context (she worked alone, and progress on music was slow but steady). Fast-forward to mid-2016: we’re informed the album is complete, and it is breathtaking.”

Hermetic gothic swan songs conjured from funereal piano, twilit ambience, minimalist percussion, and spellbinding vocals. The mood is lulling and lush but lost in sorrow, stark grey structures looming in the night. Majestic open spaces between notes heighten the melancholic grandeur of Orm’s arrangements, blurring the line between lament and lullaby. The songs less end than ebb away, succumbing to their own downcast beauty.