Aural Delights 231

PLAYLIST Pye Corner Audio – Corrupt Data – Half Light Prowler Remixed Mark Corrin – Breakdown At The Self Serve Checkouts (ft. Emily Oldfield) – EP III : Dystopia House Mouse & Space Museum – Happy Boy – The Soot Creature Danny Short – You Will Be Protected 2015 – Form Your Opinion Captain Black and Friends – Let’s Go Out Tonight – The Madman In The … Continue reading Aural Delights 231

Sonic Attack 206

PLAYLIST Ramones – Bonzo Goes To Bitburg – Bonzo Goes To Bitburg Cocaine Piss – This Is No Fashion Show – The Dancer The Membranes – Do The Supernova – Dark Matter/Dark Energy Vomit Remnants – Burning From Within – Hyper Groove Brutality Artificial Brain – Floating In Delirium – Infrared Horizon The Stone Eye – Poison Apple -Poison Apple Cocaine Piss -The Prayer Without … Continue reading Sonic Attack 206