Aural Delights 243

PLAYLIST Kit B – Shapes – Single Ondes Mortes – Sublime – Single Slothrust – Rotten Pumpkin – Coated In Honey Thieves of Misfortune – Papillon – Demo Ummagma – Lama (Robin Guthrie Mix) – LCD Au.Ra – Applause – Cultivations Kane Strang – Lagoons – Two Hearts and No Brain IIOIOIOII – Face Them All Original Mix – Post Brimstone [Expanded Edition] Elti Fits … Continue reading Aural Delights 243


  Chesterfield quartet Trash have announced the release of Migraines, the lead single from their forthcoming EP, which comes out later this summer. Arriving just in time for festival season, the indie/dream pop band deliver a summer anthem with hazy, almost synth like, guitars and an ear-wormy heavily reverbed melody. Comparisons have been made with the likes of The Magic Gang and The Night Café, … Continue reading Migraines