Aural Delights 237

PLAYLIST PrunX – Iron Dream – Vol. III The Black Watch – Whence – The Gospel According to John The Cold Stares – John – Head Bent My Favourite Things – Everything Changes – Fly I Will, Because I Can The Stevenson Ranch Davidians – Binary Bop – Amerikana Tricky Lobsters – Bitter Man’s Fame – Worlds Collide Umbrella Assassins – Dark Horse – Dark Horse Colour … Continue reading Aural Delights 237

Aural Delights 236

PLAYLIST The Junta – German Shepherd – Ergo Dave Graney & Clare Moore feat. Will Hindmarsh aka Wam – Two Bass Drums and a Mellotrone – Single Cakewalk – Dome – Isihara Cavern of Anti Matter – You’re an Art Soul – Blood Drums Chocolat – Golden Age – Rencontrer Looloo The Buttertones – Pistol Whip – Gravedigging The Stevenson Ranch Davidians – Love is a … Continue reading Aural Delights 236

The Guillotine

An intriguing change in direction for Hey Colossus on this their 2017 album release. In the past they would have qualified for the Sonic Attack podcast with their noise rock approach. For now it’s an Aural Delights appearance, the music is more nuanced, but in that not losing any of it’s inherent venom. This is a somewhat different order of business which has a unique quality. … Continue reading The Guillotine