The Guillotine

An intriguing change in direction for Hey Colossus on this their 2017 album release. In the past they would have qualified for the Sonic Attack podcast with their noise rock approach. For now it’s an Aural Delights appearance, the music is more nuanced, but in that not losing any of it’s inherent venom. This is a somewhat different order of business which has a unique quality. At times it feels like a more scabrous version of Magma, at other times it descends into deep four to floor angst fest – a sort of much angrier version of post-punk with a demented form of space rock churning around in the background (indeed Nik Turner himself guests on one track). There are also more reflective passages which refer to early post-rock, but these soon disappear under the massive three guitar attack and repetitive motorik rhythms.

A very impressive album.

The album will be featured on Aural Delights 236 and 237.

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