Aural Delights 237

PLAYLIST PrunX – Iron Dream – Vol. III The Black Watch – Whence – The Gospel According to John The Cold Stares – John – Head Bent My Favourite Things – Everything Changes – Fly I Will, Because I Can The Stevenson Ranch Davidians – Binary Bop – Amerikana Tricky Lobsters – Bitter Man’s Fame – Worlds Collide Umbrella Assassins – Dark Horse – Dark Horse Colour … Continue reading Aural Delights 237

Fly I Will, Because I Can

Brooklyn-based quartet My Favourite Things have announced the new album ‘Fly I Will, Because I Can’, which is planned for release on July 14, 2017, but are already teasing the first single ‘A Little Closer, loaded with shoegaze and dreampop goodness. This is the third album from My Favourite Things, founded in Brooklyn by Dorothea Tachler (formerly of Igloo, The Swirlies, Alles Wie Gross). Fans … Continue reading Fly I Will, Because I Can