Sonic Attack 231


  1. The Obsessed – Sodden Jackal – Sacred
  2. Briqueville – AKTE V – II
  3. Bloodmoon – Nothing Is Special, Nobody Cares – Split
  4. Unsane – Factory – Sterilize
  5. Loincloth – Poroths – Psalm Of The Morbid Whore
  6. Trapped Within Burning Machinery – Abysswalker – Split
  7. Unsane – Distance – Sterilize
  8. Loincloth – Let The Snakes Decide – Psalm Of The Morbid Whore
  9. The Obsessed – Razor Wire – Sacred

Psalm Of The Morbid Whore

LOINCLOTH is a culmination of years of worshiping at the altar of the riff. Psalm Of The Morbid Whore arrives with the promise of absolute pummel! Guitarist Tannon Penland and drummer Steve Shelton (Confessor) return with their twisted brand of instrumental metal on the forthcoming Psalm Of The Morbid Whore, this time around also enlisting the hands of Tomas Phillips on bass, who collaborated with Penland in experimental outfit Gauchiste for their self-titled 2012’s release through Little Black Cloud Records. Penland, Shelton, and Phillips were joined by guitarist Craig Hilton who contributed to composition and live sonic assaults on tour with Sunn O))) and at festivals from Barcelona’s Day OF Doom and Power Of The Riff in Los Angeles, to Richmond’s GWAR-B-Q.