Sonic Attack 193


  1. Lo Pan – Go West – In Tensions
  2. Messa – Blood – Marijuanaut Vol III.
  3. Bill + Phill – Dirty Eye – Songs Of Darkness And Despair
  4. Otus – Theta Synchrony – Marijuanaut Vol III.
  5. Snow Burial – Heliscape – Victory In Ruin
  6. Woodwall – Miracle Blood – Marijuanaut Vol III.
  7. SEE? – SEE1 – Lighteninging On Your Thames
  8. Bill + Phill – Tonights The Night We Die  – Songs Of Darkness And Despair
  9. Lo Pan – Pathfinder – In Tensions
  10. Snow Burial – Victory In Ruin – Victory In Ruin

Snow Burial Tour UK

Chicago post metal trio Snow Burial tour the UK starting 16th January with a handful of select dates.  Their remarkable 2016 album “Victory in Ruin” was an excellent set so the chance to see them should not be missed.

The band draws from a variety of influences, most notably the Melvins, Converge, and Cult Of Luna, to create their own unique voice. At the time I said:

It mixes up sludge, thrash, shoegaze and math rock coming across a little like the bastard offspring of Fucked Up, “Red” era King Crimson and The Melvins. With former members of Hoss, Canyon, Doctor This Virus Is Silence the band self-financed and released two EPs entitled Oxblood Siren and Oxblood Tides in 2014. They make a very impressive noise for a three piece and must have one of the dirtiest bass sounds in the known cosmos. The album kicks a lot of butt and manages to balance the melodic, the progressive and the downright noisy into an impressive set. Recommended!

The dates are:

  • Mon, Jan 16: Nottingham – Angel Microbrewery
  • Tue, Jan 17: London 0 Underworld  : supporting Mirrors for Psychic Warfare
  • Wed, Jan 18: Plymouth @Underground : with Monolithian & Inn13
  • Thu, Jan 19: Liverpool – Maguires
  • Fri, Jan 20: Blackburn – St. Napier
  • Sat, Jan 21: Bristol – Free For All Festival : with Dead Hands, Knifeman, Beggar, Frauds