Band On The Wall Playlist – February 2017

My monthly look at what’s coming up at the Band on the Wall, Manchester’s premiere music venue includes Nat Birchall, Bill Laurence and Jo Harman. In between there is a variety of recently released jazz. Award-winning Soul and Blues singer-songwriter Jo Harman returns to Band on the Wall on the 23rd to celebrate the worldwide release of her new LP, ‘People We Become’, the follow … Continue reading Band On The Wall Playlist – February 2017

World of Jazz 213

PLAYLIST Joëlle Léandre 10 – Pt. 1 – Can You Hear Me? Daniel Erdmann’s Velvet Revolution – Infinity Kicks In – A Short Moment Of Zero G Peter Evans, Evan Parker, Craig Taborn, Sam Pluta – Flutter – Rocket Science Eve Risser White Desert Orchestra – Fumeroles – Les Deux Versants Se Regardent Gareth Lubbe, Simon Nabatov – Plush Suite Part V – Lubatov Motif – The … Continue reading World of Jazz 213