Sonic Attack 214

PLAYLIST Anima Nostra – Composition For The Shadow Self – Atraments Khost – Redacted Repressed Recalcitrant – Governance Kikagaku Moyo – Trilobites – Stone Garden Solar Temple – Removing the Obstacles that Prevent the Serpent from Ascending – Removing the Obstacles that Prevent the Serpent from Ascending LLNN – The Guardian – Traces/Marks Split Khost – Cloudbank Mausoleum – Governance Wovoka – Traces – Traces/Marks Split LLNN – Nostromo … Continue reading Sonic Attack 214


Their second full-length album released through Malignant Records. Initially the name of a collaborative CD between Henrik Nordvargr Björkk and Margaux Renaudin released on Cold Spring in 2016, the duo has now relabeled themselves under the ANIMA NOSTRA moniker, and in turn, broadly expanded their sonic palette, taking the more intimate ritual ambient aspects of the debut, and incorporating  industrial, doom metal, and neo-classical elements. With its … Continue reading Atraments