Aural Delights 238

PLAYLIST The Screaming Love Collective – Thought It Would Have Been Better By Now – Thought It Would Have Been Better By Now Aquaserge – Si Lion si proche – laisse ça être BardSpec – Intro Deposition – Hydrogen JD Meatyard – Green Flags – Collectivise The Blackeyed Susans – Can’t Find The Moon – Close Your Eyes And See The Jackson Code – Yesterday’s Coffee – The Things … Continue reading Aural Delights 238

Sonic Attack 215

PLAYLIST He Whose Ox Is Gored – Paralyser (Endino Mix) – Paralyser Seven Inch Slow Death – Daggers of Hate – Hate Filled World Tyrannosorceress – Haunting Black Infinity – Shattering Light’s Creation Thoughts of Ionesco – The Alt Light – Skar Cymbals The Ruins of Bevarast – Exuvia – Exuvia Slow Death – Vacant Lots – Hate Filled World Asofy – in Solitude – ebYm … Continue reading Sonic Attack 215

World of Jazz 233

PLAYLIST Oddjob – Their Song – Koyo Meridian Trio – Triangulum – Triangulum Daniel Levin Quartet – Jumpman – Live at Firehouse 12 Mario Pavone – Ellipse – Vertical Peter Apfelbaum – The Hand That Signed The Paper – Jodoji Brightness Bert Van Den Dungen Quartet – Mating Call – 2 Sessions Chris Biscoe – Reincarnation of a Love Bird – Profiles of Mingus Queen … Continue reading World of Jazz 233

Aural Delights 237

PLAYLIST PrunX – Iron Dream – Vol. III The Black Watch – Whence – The Gospel According to John The Cold Stares – John – Head Bent My Favourite Things – Everything Changes – Fly I Will, Because I Can The Stevenson Ranch Davidians – Binary Bop – Amerikana Tricky Lobsters – Bitter Man’s Fame – Worlds Collide Umbrella Assassins – Dark Horse – Dark Horse Colour … Continue reading Aural Delights 237


  Chesterfield quartet Trash have announced the release of Migraines, the lead single from their forthcoming EP, which comes out later this summer. Arriving just in time for festival season, the indie/dream pop band deliver a summer anthem with hazy, almost synth like, guitars and an ear-wormy heavily reverbed melody. Comparisons have been made with the likes of The Magic Gang and The Night Café, … Continue reading Migraines


Circle is the very definition of genre-defying; a rare feat for any band, but effortlessly achieved by the prolific Finnish collective. Their latest album Terminal, confirmed for release June 23rd through Southern Lord, is described as pure hedonistic pleasure. Never content on staying the same, the band has created an idiosyncratic cocktail of sonic fusions, conjuring an impulsive, dizzying energy that stirs a spirit of … Continue reading Terminal

Sonic Attack 214

PLAYLIST Anima Nostra – Composition For The Shadow Self – Atraments Khost – Redacted Repressed Recalcitrant – Governance Kikagaku Moyo – Trilobites – Stone Garden Solar Temple – Removing the Obstacles that Prevent the Serpent from Ascending – Removing the Obstacles that Prevent the Serpent from Ascending LLNN – The Guardian – Traces/Marks Split Khost – Cloudbank Mausoleum – Governance Wovoka – Traces – Traces/Marks Split LLNN – Nostromo … Continue reading Sonic Attack 214