Band On The Wall Playlist – February 2017

My monthly look at what’s coming up at the Band on the Wall, Manchester’s premiere music venue includes Nat Birchall, Bill Laurence and Jo Harman. In between there is a variety of recently released jazz. Award-winning Soul and Blues singer-songwriter Jo Harman returns to Band on the Wall on the 23rd to celebrate the worldwide release of her new LP, ‘People We Become’, the follow … Continue reading Band On The Wall Playlist – February 2017

Aural Delights 214

PLAYLIST Hamsters – Basically Johnny Moped – Basically Johnny Moped/Freudian Ships Jess Ribeiro – Hurry Back To Love (Mikey Young Remix) – Barely Dressed Records Sampler John Cale – Dirty-Ass Rock ‘n’ Roll – Slow Dazzle Crass – Poison In A Pretty Pill – Penis Envy Meat Beat Manifesto – Hello Teenage America – 99% Jacobites – Son of a French Nobleman – Ragged School Plasticon – Travel … Continue reading Aural Delights 214