World of Jazz 262


  1. Michael Attias – Bad Lucid – Spun Tree
  2. Ralph Towner – Ralph’s Piano Waltz – Solo Concert
  3. John Abercombie and Ralph Towner – Fable – Sargasso Sea
  4. Duke Ellington and his Orchestra – A Tone Parallel to Harlem (Harlem Suite) – Ellington Uptown
  5. Beak – Spinning Top – Beak >>
  6. Rudresh Mahanthappa – Enhanced Performance – Codebook
  7. Rip Rig and Panic – A Dog’s Secret – I Am Cold
  8. E L B – Zig Zag – Peter Erskine, Nguyên Lê, Michel Benita
  9. John Zorn – Naked Lunch (for Vibraphone, Bass, and Drums) – The Interpretation of Dreams
  10. Duke Ellington and his Orchestra –  Controversial Suite, Pt. 1: Before My Time – Ellington Uptown
  11. John Butcher, John Edwards, Mark Sanders – Lucid – Last Dream Of The Morning
  12. Chris Cundy – Sweet Tobacco – Gustav Lost
  13. Azimuth with Ralph Towner – The Longest Day – Départ
  14. Michael Attias – Creep – Renku in Coimbra
  15. Duke Ellington and his Orchestra – Controversial Suite, Pt. 2: Later – Ellington Uptown


  1. Clean Feed (2012) – Michaël Attias alto saxophone, Ralph Alessi trumpet, Matt Mitchell piano, Sean Conly double bass, Tom Rainey drums.  Recorded at Systems Two, Brooklyn, NY o April 11th, 2012
  2. ECM (1980) – Ralph Towner – 12 String Guitar, Classical Guitar, Recorded live at Amerika Haus in München, Germany and Limmathaus in Zürich, Switzerland in October 1979
  3. ECM (1976) – John Abercrombie — electric guitar, acoustic guitar, Ralph Towner — twelve-string guitar, classical guitar, piano. Recorded Talent Studios Olso May 1976
  4. Columbia (1952) – Duke Ellington, Billy Strayhorn – piano,  Shorty Baker, Willie Cook,   Clark Terry  , Francis Williams  – trumpet, Ray Nance – trumpet,   Juan Tizol  – valve trombone, Jimmy Hamilton – clarinet, tenor saxophone, Willie Smith  alto saxophone, Russell Procope – alto saxophone, clarinet, Paul Gonsalves  – tenor saxophone, Harry Carney – baritone saxophone,  Wendell Marshall – bass, Louis Bellson – drums. Recorded in New York on December 7, 1951.
  5. Invada/Bandcamp (2012) – Billy Fuller – bass,  Matt Williams – keyboards, Geoff Barrow –  Turntables, samples, keyboards, drums.
  6. Pi (2006) –  François Moutin – bass, Rudresh Mahanthappa – alto saxophone,  Dan Weiss – drums, Vijay Iver – piano. Recorded April 21 , 2006 Systems 2, Brooklyn.
  7. Virgin (1982) – Bruce Smith, Gareth Sager, Mark Springer, Sean Oliver.
  8. ACT (2001) –  Michel Benita – bass, Peter Erskine – drums,  Nguyên Lê – guitar. Recorded and mastered at Rainbow Studios, Oslo, Norway on October 30+31, 2000
  9. Tzadik (2017).  Shanir Ezra Blumenkranz – bass.   Tyshawn Sorey  – drums.
    Sae Hashimoto  – vibraphone.  Recorded May 08, 2017 at EastSide Sound, NYC & May 10, 2017 at Orange Music, NJ.
  10. Columbia (1952) –   Wendell Marshall – Bass,  Louis Bellson – Drums,   Duke Ellington – piano.  Harry Carney,  Jimmy Hamilton, Paul Gonsalves, Russell Procope – saxophones. Britt Woodman, Juan Tizol, Quentin Jackson – trombones.  Clark Terry, Francis Williams , Harold Baker, Ray Nance, Willie Cook – trumpets. Recorded At – Columbia 30th Street Studio
  11. Relative Pitch (2017) – John Butcher – saxophone, John Edwards – double bass, Mark Sanders – drums. Recorded on November 17th, 2016 at The Fish Factory, in Willesden, UK
  12. FMR Records (2016) – Chris Cundy – bass, contrabass clarinet,  Fyfe Dangerfield – piano , Mat Martin –  guitar , Hannah Marshall – cello, Dominic Lash – double bass , Mark Sanders – drums, percussion.  Recorded on June 2-3, 2015 at Wincraft Studios, Gloucestershire UK.
  13. ECM (1980) – John Taylor – Piano, Norma Winstone – Voice, Kenny Wheeler – Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Ralph Towner – Guitar. Recorded December 1979 at Talent Studios, Oslo.
  14. Clean Feed (2009) –  Michaël Attias – alto saxophone, John Hébert – double bass, Satoshi Takeishi  – drums, percussion. Recorded June 7, 2008 at Salão Brazil, Coimbra, Portugal
  15. as 10.




Band On The Wall Playlist – January 2017

My monthly look into what is coming for jazz lovers at Manchester’s prestigious Band On The Wall Venue. For January 2017 I am highlighting two gigs. In between new and recent releases from across the world of jazz.


  1. Dinosaur – Robin – Together, As One
  2. Ivo Perelman, Mat Maneri, Joe Morris, Gerald Cleaver – Harsh Moon – Breaking Point
  3. Will Goble – Another Man Done Gone – Consider The Blues
  4. Daniel Rorke, Aksel Jensen, Ole Mofjell – Milk Boy – The Dark
  5. John Butcher, Thomas Lehn, Matthew Shipp – Cluster I – Tangle
  6. Illogical Harmonies – Part II – Volume
  7. Mike Melito – If I Would Ever Leave You – New York Connections
  8. Jerome Sabbagh, Simon Jermyn, Allison Miller – Lean – Lean
  9. Organik Vibe Trio – Ecaroh – Things We Did Last Summer
  10. Magnus Öström – Parachute – Parachute
  11. Andrew Cyrille & Bill McHenry – Bedouin Woman – Proximity

Thursday 19th January : Laura Jurd’s Dinosaur

Dinosaur is one of the most vital and creative new ensembles in the UK today, led by trumpeter and composer Laura Jurd and featuring keyboardist Elliot Galvin and the young rhythm section of Conor Chaplin & Corrie Dick. They have performed throughout the UK and Europe including dates at the Berlin Jazz Festival, Jazz Sur Son 31 in Toulouse, 12 Points in Dublin and Jazzahead in Bremen.

In early 2016, Jurd signed an exclusive album deal with the hugely influential Edition Records for the release of Dinosaur’s debut album ‘Together, As One’, released in September 2016. Blending elements of folk, jazz and rock, their sound is formidable and compelling.

Sunday 29th January : Magnus Öström

A member of seminal contemporary jazz outfit Esbjörn Svensson Trio (e.s.t.), drummer Magnus Öström returns to Band on the Wall to perform work from his new LP ‘Parachute’. Since the tragic demise of e.s.t, Öström’s solo career has been a fruitful one with two solo albums released in Europe and Japan. His debut solo LP, ‘Thread Of Life’ was nominated for a Swedish Grammis and earned him an Echo Jazz Award in Germany.

The new album features the same band members as the two previous albums: Andreas Hourdakis, guitars; Thobias Gabrielson, bass & keys; Daniel Karlsson, piano & keys, and sees Öström return to the Diesel Music label where his career got started with e.s.t 20 years ago.

Although Magnus’s solo career has been successful, the loss of Esbjörn Svensson in 2008 has been devastating and it is music that has helped him overcome some very dark times.

With e.s.t, Öström helped redefine the classic piano trio format, introducing a modern aesthetic with electronic textures and rhythms taken from dance music. Their sound has gone on to inspire countless contemporary jazz groups including the likes of Gogo Penguin and Phronesis.