Sonic Attack 205


  1. Janet Street Slaughter – The Wreckage – Janet Street Slaughter
  2. Cocaine Piss – Shiny Pants – The Dancer
  3. Wolfbrigade – Nomad Pack – Run With The Hunted
  4. Obelyskkh – The Providence – The Providence
  5. Crypt Rot – Chapters of Torment – Embryonic Devils
  6. Janet Street Slaughter – Cat Piss Car Seat – Janet Street Slaughter
  7. Cocaine Piss – Elegance – The Dancer
  8. Wolfbrigade – Under The Bell – Run With The Hunted
  9. Imperium Dekadenz – Halls of Lust – …Und Die Welt Ward Kalt und Leer
  10. Crypt Rot – Scaphist Waste – Embryonic Devils
  11. Obelyskkh – NYX – The Providence
  12. Wolfbrigade – No Reward – Run With The Hunted
  13. Cocaine Piss – Sport Things – The Dancer
  14. Janet Street Slaughter – The Sensitive Side of Bill Sykes – Janet Street Slaughter

Obelyskkh set to release fourth full length album

Three years in the making, Germany’s kingpins of heavy groove Obelyskkh have completed their fourth full-length, The Providence to be released through their steady label home of Exile On Mainstream on April 21st.

The title of the album evokes one of H. P. Lovecraft’s iconic poems, providing inspiration for the album’s lyrical content and the artwork . Another dimension to the album is illustrated almost perfectly by  Victor Hugo: “Above all, you can believe in Providence in either of two ways, either as thirst believes in the orange, or as the ass believes in the whip.” The band lived by this message throughout their uphill battle to complete the record.
 Following the 2013 release of their third album, Hymn To Pan, which followed less than one year after its predecessor, White Lightnin’, Obelyskkh found themselves in a state of transition, triggered by a line up change of bass player Dirty Dave, replaced by Seb Duster. The Providence marks a distinction from their former approach to songwriting; their sound still crushing, cloaked in darkness, and surging with raw power, only less psychedelic and with a lot more groove.
  The Providence was recorded and mixed by Andy Naucke and mastered by Brad Boatright (Sleep, Tragedy, High On Fire, From Ashes Rise, Integrity), and with cover art crafted by Sebastian Feld/Marginal Ink. The album will be released on all digital platforms, CD, and 2xLP with three sides of music and a Side D etching
Obelyskkh has booked a run of European tour dates in conjunction with the album’s release, with shows in Germany, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Belgium, and Austria from April 7th through April 20th, with more shows to be announced throughout the months ahead.
The Providence will see release on April 21st. Physical preorders are available now via the label.
Comprising six extremely heavy tracks this is a brutal album full of fuzz and intensity.
The album will be featured on Sonic Attack 205 on April 10th.