Aural Delights 245

PLAYLIST JD Meatyard – Ubu@Erics – 200 The Get – When The Oil Runs Out (Expojah Remix) – 200 The Strays – Johnny Mnemonic – Explicit Content The Screaming Love Collective – Come On – 200 m.t. scott – The Auctioneer – 200 Inferior Complex – Sin City – In Your Life Issac Navaro – Swam Oceans to Drown In Concrete (Space Museum Gouache Mix) – 200 … Continue reading Aural Delights 245

Aural Delights 236

PLAYLIST The Junta – German Shepherd – Ergo Dave Graney & Clare Moore feat. Will Hindmarsh aka Wam – Two Bass Drums and a Mellotrone – Single Cakewalk – Dome – Isihara Cavern of Anti Matter – You’re an Art Soul – Blood Drums Chocolat – Golden Age – Rencontrer Looloo The Buttertones – Pistol Whip – Gravedigging The Stevenson Ranch Davidians – Love is a … Continue reading Aural Delights 236

German Shepherd plan busy January

After a short Christmas break German Shepherd records are back with four releases in January and label co-owner Ian Moss is involved in all of the releases. January 6th sees a release from Hamsters.  The ‘ lost near mythical’ Hamsters single,  recorded and ready for release in January 2015, was scheduled as a 7 inch double A sided vinyl before label funding issues scuppered it’s … Continue reading German Shepherd plan busy January