Sonic Attack 203


  1. Cocaine Piss – Ugly Face On – The Dancer
  2. Gridfailure & Megalophobe – Niche Differentiation – Dendritic
  3. Silence Equals Death – Peacemaker – End Times
  4. Isenordal – Of Winged Fire And Crawling Shadow – Shores of Mourning
  5. Mary Ocher – Firstling II – The West Against The People
  6. Cocaine Piss – Cosmic Bullshit – The Dancer
  7. Silence Equals Death – Weakness – End Times
  8. Nuclearhammer – The Ancient One – Obliteration Ritual
  9. Gridfailure & Megalophobe  – Die Feindlichen Alchemisten mit Glocken – Dendritic
  10. Silence Equals Death – Reparations – End Times
  11. Mary Ocher – Wulkania – The West Against The People
  12. Pharmakon – Sleepwalking Form – Contact
  13. Cocaine Piss – Sex Weirdos -The Dancer

Debut Album from Silence Equals Death

Bergen County, New Jersey-based hardcore quintet SILENCE EQUALS DEATH have signed with Eulogy Recordings for the April 2017 release of the band’s pummeling and infectious End Times debut album.

SILENCE EQUALS DEATH has been brought together by their love and passion for the music they create and the continued search for a new outlet. The name of the band has meaning not only for the masses, but for the members individually who have been silenced by past events. This band is a resurrection, a new voice, a new fight, and a new opportunity to connect with the world the best way they know how.

 With ten new energetic and infectious tracks, End Times was recorded by SILENCE EQUALS DEATH at Scorpion Studios in late 2016, mixed by the band and Kevin Carafa, and mastered by Carafa with additional mastering by Michael White, with artwork by Carlo at Kill Carlo Boy Designs. The album will be issued on CD and digital platforms through Eulogy Recordings on April 7th, with several bonus tracks included.

Tracks can be heard on the Sonic Attack Podcast on 27th March.