World of Jazz 232

PLAYLIST Roscoe Mitchell – Spatial of the Sounds – Bells for the South Side Wayne Horvitz, Butch Morris, Robert Previte, Doug Wieselman, Bill Frisell – Todos Santos – Todos Santos Amok Amor – Pulsar – We Know Not What We Do Daniel Carter, William Parker, Federico Ughi – Navajo Sunrise – Navajo Sunrise Dave Douglas & Chet Doxas – Big Shorty – Riverside David Restivo – The … Continue reading World of Jazz 232

The Waves

The Waves is a window into the array of implications and potentialities contained within the postmodern jazz landscape. It hearkens back to the classic jazz quintet lineup of the 1950s and ‘60s, and to the idea of the album, a cycle of songs that, while diverse in mood and intent, flow together to form a complete artistic statement. The music looks to the future whilst … Continue reading The Waves