World of Jazz 232


  1. Roscoe Mitchell – Spatial of the Sounds – Bells for the South Side
  2. Wayne Horvitz, Butch Morris, Robert Previte, Doug Wieselman, Bill Frisell – Todos Santos – Todos Santos
  3. Amok Amor – Pulsar – We Know Not What We Do
  4. Daniel Carter, William Parker, Federico Ughi – Navajo Sunrise – Navajo Sunrise
  5. Dave Douglas & Chet Doxas – Big Shorty – Riverside
  6. David Restivo – The Bull and the Roses – The Waves
  7. Klaus Gesing, Björn Meyer, Samuel Rohrer – Shine On Me – Amiira
  8. Oddjob – Third Stone From The Sun – Oddjob
  9. Mat Maneri, Evan Parker, Lucian Ban – Blessed – Sounding Tears
  10. Peter Evans; Agustí Fernandez; Mats Gustafsson – A Quietness of Water – A Quietness of Water
  11. Renku – Tapstone – Live in Greenwich Village
  12. Roscoe Mitchell – Red Moon In The Sky, Odwalla – Bells for the South Side

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