Rose and The Diamond Hand

If you really want to know about what is happening in the Manchester music scene, and I mean really happening, you need look no further than the video above, or the EP below. Rose, of Poppycock and Locean fame, stands very well on her own merits with band members Mark Corrin, Bob Clowrey, and Leonie Fox. There are some strong female voices on the Manc … Continue reading Rose and The Diamond Hand

It’s a Scream

Everything in the news these days seems to revolve around one topic and the music industry is not immune as influential Washington, DC-based hardcore/punk outfit Scream have issued a brand new video for a previously-unreleased protest track, “Politics Is Entertainment.” This comes as Southern Lord announce the impending remixed reissue of the band’s No More Censorship LP. Scream was formed in 1981 by vocalist Peter … Continue reading It’s a Scream