Rose and The Diamond Hand

If you really want to know about what is happening in the Manchester music scene, and I mean really happening, you need look no further than the video above, or the EP below. Rose, of Poppycock and Locean fame, stands very well on her own merits with band members Mark Corrin, Bob Clowrey, and Leonie Fox. There are some strong female voices on the Manc scene at the moment Anne-Marie Crowley, Susan O’Shea and Rose Niland are three of the leading lights. The latter perhaps demonstrating that in a jungle of Tribute Bands, Oasis wannabees,  and JD/NO clones there is room for cutting edge, genre defying change. We put this EP out last year, there was a successful launch gig, but then things sort of drifted away as they usually do with such a small operating team. There was a better distribution deal earlier this year and we took the view that this should be taken wider and further than inside the M60 ring road. I look at what is successful and hip these days and I see people wandering down nostalgic side alleys, being safe and predictable in their listening habits. I challenge those people to open their ears and broaden their experience. This is the best place to start.

Available on Bandcamp as below, but also Amazon, Google Play, I Tunes, Spotify and lots more digital outlets.

You can see them live next on 25th March at The Wonder Inn, Manchester as part of the Spring Equinox Festival

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